Romanov Report 59 - Mar 19, 2008

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Are your monthly bills holding you hostage?

Are your monthly insurance bills partly to blame?

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Ticket Trauma

It's not just tickets with "demerit points" that can send your insurance rate soaring. There are many traffic violations that can negatively influence your insurance rate! To check out other types of convictions, which can increase your insurance rate, click here.

Tickets for not wearing your seatbelt, a broken headlight or not carrying your driver's license can get you in as much hot water with insurance companies as an accident or speeding ticket.

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Eat, Drink & Be Wary

Does your home insurance policy cover you if your dinner guest gets a severe case of food poisoning and sues you for damages?

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Falling For You

Does your home insurance policy cover you if a guest or household employee falls and injures themselves on your property and sues you for damages?

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Calling 911

I found myself at the scene of a car accident where the victim was still breathing, but only semi-conscious.

911 had been called, but now what? I found myself being bombarded with "dime store advice" from a small crowd onlookers.

Calling 911 alerts the police, and dispatches any and all medical and relief services, including the fire department and emergency medical vehicles.

Although you may not be trained in first aid, you need to do your best at keeping the injured person stable and safe from further harm.

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