Romanov Report 7 - June 30, 2005

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Tomorrow is Canada's Birthday, and mine too!As a present, I get to renew my driver's licence, because as of midnight on my birthday, it automatically expires.So I went in to the licensing office and they asked me if I wanted to pay $15 for one year or $75 for five years, and aside from the inconvenience it was relatively painless.In fact, last night, when I was at a CTV reception and was talking about doing a story on the consequences of not renewing your driver's licence on time. Suddenly, one person said, "OH MY GOSH, I was to renew mine 6 months ago!"So at your next party, here's what you can tell people that "forget" or "don't bother" to renew their licence. You can start off by saying, "You may find yourself dealing some blood thirsty lawyer, if you have an accident.To find out the consequences of driving with an expired licence, click here.So enjoy the Canada Day's celebration and the long weekend. But beware, there are a lot of speeding traps out there. And if you're driving with an expired licence, and get pulled over, you may have to continue the rest of your trip on foot.