The Insider - September 2010

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New Zero Alcohol Limit For Drivers Under 21

Both new and experienced drivers know they should never drink and drive, and if they make this choice, they will be subject to severe consequences. This month, many young drivers are back in class and the new school season means many social events-from parties to pub nights, sporting events and other activities. All too often, alcohol is a part of these gatherings. If you are a young driver you need to be aware-and be responsible-as the penalties for drinking and driving have become even more stringent for younger and novice drivers. ... read more


Living Away From Home: Top Insurance Tips Parents and Students Need to Know

This month, thousands of students across Canada left home to attend college, university and other educational institutions. Many will be living on their own for the first time, taking with them laptop computers, wireless devices, electronic equipment, clothing, books, furniture and more. When we talk about home or contents insurance, many people think it is only necessary to protect their possessions. But there are other residential responsibilities and liabilities of which parents and students should be aware. ... read more

Back to School Safety Lessons for Drivers

Students are now back to school and the lessons of reading, writing and arithmetic have started for another year. With more kids out on the streets, it's a good time for all drivers to take a road safety refresher course. If you don't make the grade, it could cost you in fines, demerit points and higher insurance premiums. ... read more


"My friend told me I should have "ËœAccident Forgiveness' coverage on my policy. Is this true?"

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