Best-Selling Cars in Canada: Which Are Cheapest to Insure?

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For the 21st consecutive year, the Honda Civic is Canada’s best-selling car and chances are, if you don’t have one insured on your auto insurance policy right now, you know someone who does. According to Honda, more than 2 million Civics have been sold in Canada since it first launched in 1973 making it a fixture in driveways across the country.

As Canada’s favourite car, the Honda Civic beat out its closest competitor, the Toyota Corolla, handily*. With more than 69,000 vehicles sold last year, the Honda Civic outsold the Toyota Corolla by more than 20,000 cars.

The 10 best-selling cars in Canada in 2018

Alongside the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, the following also made the list as some of Canada’s best-sellers last year:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Hyundai Elantra
  4. Chevrolet Cruze
  5. Mazda3
  6. Volkswagen Golf
  7. Volkswagen Jetta
  8. Toyota Camry
  9. Kia Forte
  10. Honda Accord

Sure, they’re best-sellers but which is cheapest to insure?

How do the best-selling cars rank in their auto insurance costs? To get a feel for which of the cars cost the least to insure, we compared car insurance quotes for a fictional 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record living in six Ontario cities—Ajax, Cambridge, London, Ottawa, Peterborough, and Toronto—and then ranked the trends we noted.

The results are in and the car that regularly came out on top as the cheapest to insure was the Volkswagen Golf. The Volkswagen Jetta and Chevrolet Cruze also consistently did well when it came to the cost of auto insurance.

  1. Volkswagen Golf
  2. Volkswagen Jetta
  3. Chevrolet Cruze
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Hyundai Elantra
  6. Honda Accord
  7. Kia Forte
  8. Honda Civic
  9. Mazda3
  10. Toyota Corolla

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* Sales data from Good Car Bad Car Auto Sales Data.

This article is updated annually to reflect the latest sales trends in Canada.