The Insider - December 2011


Five Ways to Lower Car Insurance Bills for the Holidays

During the holidays, you likely have many other expenses to spend your hard-earned money on – and although insurance is a necessity, that doesn’t mean you should over-pay for it. Keep more money in your pocket for food, fun and gifts this holiday season. Here are five simple ways to save on your car insurance. ... read more

Top Ten Tips to Prevent Thieves from Stealing your Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is filled with good will and fun times, but it’s also a prime time for thieves to make off with bundles of holiday joy. With shoppers running from store to store and leaving cars full of expensive gifts, parking lots become a treasure trove for thieves. Even in your own driveway, your car can tempt those looking for valuables left unattended. Remember that your car insurance policy will not cover the possessions inside your car. Keep your holiday gifts and your car safe with these ten tips. ... read more

Tips for Hosting Safe Holiday Parties

Everyone loves a holiday party; friends and family, good food and drinks, laughter and cheer. Hosting a great holiday party takes a lot of planning, and not just when it comes to the perfect menu and the beautiful holiday décor. Making certain that your home is safe and that you are a responsible host should be on the party preparation list as well. Make it easy to stay safe and avoid a home insurance claim with this holiday party host safety checklist. ... read more




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