The Insider - March 2011

Readers' Insurance Questions And Answers

At, we receive many great questions from our readers. This month, we share our top 10 Q & As with you. Topics include at-fault accidents, insuring younger drivers, lending your car, discounts, tips on how to reduce your premium and more.

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Consequences of major and minor tickets

As a driver, you already know there are consequences for breaking the rules of the road - but do you know the difference between a minor and major infraction? Or what about how convictions can influence your insurance rates? ... read more

Are you practicing good child car safety?

Your most precious cargo requires extra safety steps. When driving with infants or young children in your vehicle, you'll want to make sure you administer the following safety practices that many parents don't always consider. ... read more


"I am going to Florida for March break and taking my car with me. Does my Ontario automobile insurance policy cover me while I am in Florida?"

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Did you know that even if you have an active insurance policy, but can't produce a valid insurance liability card when stopped by the police, you can be charged?

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