The Insider - November 2011


Saving on Auto Insurance: How You Can Lower Your Rates

Auto insurance is a major expense for most people, and the cost of this coverage is on the rise. You can’t drive without insurance, but you can find ways to save and reduce your premiums. No matter your age or level of experience, there are simple methods of getting a more affordable auto insurance rate right now. For each age group, the best ways to save on auto insurance are a little different. ... read more

How Fault is Determined in a Winter Accident

Winter weather can cause a wide variety of hazardous road conditions, making driving dangerous and increasing the possibility of an accident occurring. Black ice, heavy snowfall, roads that have not been cleared of snow and other bad driving conditions can all make it more difficult to control your vehicle and avoid an accident. When it comes to filing a claim for a weather related accident, insurance companies may make some allowances for road conditions, but it remains the driver’s responsibility to take appropriate precautions when driving during the winter. ... read more

Auto Insurance Terms Explained: A Helpful Guide

When it comes to shopping for auto insurance or dealing with a claim, there are a lot of terms used that may leave you feeling a little confused and overwhelmed. Understanding the basic terms used in the insurance industry can help you to successfully shop for and purchase the right policy and also help you navigate through the claims process. ... read more

When do you pay the deductible on your car insurance policy?

Most drivers know that their deductible is an amount they must pay toward a claim before their insurance company pays. However, it is a common misconception that the deductible must be paid every time a claim is made. Although in most cases the deductible is enforced, there are instances where it is not. The following are some common examples of when a deductible is applicable and when it is not, in the province of Ontario. ... read more




"A friend borrowed my car and was involved in an accident that resulted in a total loss. Later, I discovered that my friend was driving my car with a suspended driver’s license. Now, I’m finding out that my insurance claim may be denied and I may receive a rate increase. Is this true?"

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Did you know that winter tires are not only safe but may give you a discount on your insurance?

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