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MAY 2012


Save on Insurance For Your New Car This Summer

As the temperatures rise and the summer months approach, the urge to buy a new car can strike. Many dealers are clearing out old models to make room for the new model year, and that can mean some great deals. If you are heading out to shop for some new wheels this summer, go out armed with some important information regarding how your car insurance will be affected.  Read more

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Major or Minor?  Types of Violations and Insurance Rates

There are multiple levels of traffic violations in Canada, and the severity of the charge can make a big difference in how your insurance rates are affected, as well as the legal impact of the infraction.  Minor offences are the least serious and usually carry a fine.  Major offences can be much more serious, with heavy fines and even possible jail time as a result.  Both types can affect car insurance rates, some more than others.  Read more

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Value of Credit Card Insurance is Much Higher than you Think

When choosing a credit card, for personal or business use, the most popular parameter that people consider is probably rewards. According to research conducted by our partner, InsurEye, this feature’s value is strongly over-exaggerated. There is another segment of credit card features which is worth much more than consumers think â€" insurance.

Everybody knows credit cards come equipped with some kind of insurance coverage, however very few people are fully aware of the insurance perks details and benefits that come along with their credit cards.  Read more

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