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JUNE 2012

The Top 5 Insurance Discounts Revealed: How to Get Them

Discounts have been a buzzword in the insurance industry for many years now; they're they quickest and easiest way to reduce your premiums.  But many people still arenâ't sure which discounts are available and how to qualify for them, and they may be missing out as a result.  Are you getting all the discounts you deserve?  Do you know how to qualify for the best insurance discounts?  These top discounts can save you a lot of money and qualifying for them is easier than you'd think. Read more

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Cyclists and Auto Insurance: The Coverage You May Not Know About

Many cyclists are unaware that when they are riding their bikes, they are covered by their auto insurance for injuries that might occur as the result of an accident with another vehicle.  Your auto insurance can extend coverage to you as a cyclist, and you are also eligible to receive benefits from the insurance company of a motorist that is involved in the accident with you.  Cyclists can receive medical payments, pain and suffering benefits, and more if they file a claim with the auto insurance company. Read more

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Choosing Car Insurance That's Right For You

Buying car insurance can be a complicated process.  There are many options to consider, and even when it comes to the coverage required by law, you still have to decide if you'd like to increase your limits.  Finding the car insurance that suits you is not as difficult as it seems; it simply requires an understanding of the choices available to drivers and how they apply to your case in particular. Read more

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