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What Your Car Insurance Policy Really Covers

There's a great deal of confusion among drivers as to what is covered under a car insurance policy.  Most people know that it's there to help pay for damages incurred as a result of an accident.  What damages are covered and to what extent depends greatly on the limits of the policy as well as on the coverage options you select when you take out the policy.  What can you expect to have covered on your policy?  Here is an overview of the basic coverage options and how they work...Read more

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Honesty is the Best Policy With Your Insurance Company

While it may not seem like a big deal to leave out a few facts or stretch the truth a little when talking to your insurance professional, it can actually cost more than you would think.  Insurance companies rely on you to provide them with truthful and accurate information, allowing them to rate policies correctly and process claims efficiently.  Lying to an insurance company can land you in some trouble, and can also result in increased rates for everyone...Read more

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Five Common Car Insurance Questions Answered

When it comes to insurance, everyone has questions, and often the same ones come up again and again.  These common insurance questions have straightforward answers in most cases, and getting these answers can make handling your insurance policies a lot easier.  Take a look at these five common insurance questions - and their answers...Read more

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I was paying over $4,000 each year for auto insurance to a company I have been with for 10 years. Now thanks to your company, I am now only paying $1,933 per year. Many many many THANKS.

- Ira

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