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Shopping Online for Car Insurance: The Benefits

Shopping for car insurance has never been a task that most people enjoy; it takes some time and effort to obtain and compare insurance quotes.  The internet has revolutionized the way people shop for car insurance by offering quick online quoting that can be done anytime and from any computer.  There are a number of reasons why shopping online can benefit the insurance consumer...Read more

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Common Insurance Myths and the Truth Behind Them

The insurance world seems to be full of myths that remain persistent in spite of attempts to clear them up.  Getting a good insurance policy that suits your needs and meets your budget as well as getting the most out of that policy relies on knowing as much as you can about your insurance.  Clearing up some common insurance myths can help make certain you are covered the way you should be.  Myth: Once you have a ticket or accident, you can't get a better rate...Read more

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Common Car Insurance Questions Answered

With winter coming fast, many drivers have questions about how cold weather affects car insurance, both the rates and what happens in the event of a claim.  These common insurance questions surface during the winter months, and knowing the answers ahead of time can save you a lot of money and keep you prepared...Read more

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"I did not receive any demerit points with my ticket, so it won't affect my insurance rate, right?"

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