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Common Winter Car Accidents: Avoiding Crashes in Winter Conditions

The winter months bring cold weather, snow and ice to most parts of Canada, and that means that road conditions are more dangerous than during the dry summer months. With reduced visibility and slippery road surfaces, accidents in the winter are often related to the weather. By employing a little extra caution and a few smart tips for winter driving, you can avoid some of these common winter car accidents that can have an impact on your car insurance rates. ... read more

What Information Do You Need To Complete A Car Insurance Quote?

If saving money is your top priority this year, you may be looking for places to cut costs. You can start by reviewing what you pay for auto insurance. There are many different options for auto insurance policies, and a little research could save you a lot of money.

When shopping for car insurance, you will need information about yourself and your driving history, as well as of the other drivers in your household. Here is the information you will need to have handy to complete a quote on ... read more

After An Accident: The Right Interactions with the Other Driver

Choosing a life insurance policy can be somewhat daunting, especially if you are new to it and don’t know much about the coverage options. Fortunately, life insurance isn’t quite as confusing as it seems on the surface; on the most basic level it can be broken down into two main categories, and from there into a few simple options. Selecting a policy is much easier when you know how each type of policy works and what it means for you. more

Understanding Auto Insurance Deductibles: When They Apply, How They Affect Rates

Auto insurance deductibles are one of the commonly misunderstood parts of an auto insurance policy. If you don’t carry full coverage on your policy, but instead have liability only, you don’t have to worry about deductibles. However, if you carry comprehensive coverage, collision coverage or both, you will have a deductible for each of these two options. The deductible you choose can have an impact on your insurance rates and also affects how certain types of claims will impact you financially. ... read more




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