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MARCH 2012

A New Car for Spring: Saving on Car Insurance

Spring is the perfect time for new things, and if a new car is on your list as the snow melts away, you’ll also be giving some thought to making your car insurance affordable. While new cars do tend to carry higher insurance rates because of their value, that doesn’t mean you can’t find great ways to save. Read more

save money on insurance


Car Insurance Fraud: Avoiding Mistakes that Cost Everyone

Insurance fraud may seem on the surface like a crime without victims; after all, insurance companies can afford it, right? Unfortunately it is not only the insurance company that bears the cost of insurance fraud. When claim rates go up because of fraudulent claims, every insured driver pays the price. Insurance companies are forced to increase their rates and everyone winds up paying more for their coverage than they otherwise would. Read more

save money on insurance


Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

Despite how you might feel right now, spring is here and motorcycle season will soon be here. If your bike has been parked in storage, you should make sure that you send your bike in for a spring tune up and safety check. Keeping your bike well maintained not only helps you ride safely; it can also extend the life of your vehicle and improve your riding comfort and

enjoyment. Making sure your bike is in top condition can make you a safer rider and that may lead to cheaper insurance costs.Here are some things you need to check before you get on the road. Read more

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