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APRIL 2012


Insider Secrets to Saving on Car Insurance: Are You Overpaying?

Car insurance is among the many necessities you have to pay for in order to be legal on the road, but it doesn't have to be something you're overpaying for. Most people would like to find a way to save on car insurance, but either aren't sure they can really get a better deal or don't know where to begin to lower their current rate. Insurance insiders know there are many ways to save on auto insurance, and these tips and tricks will get you lower rates with no hassle. Read moresave money on insuranceplaceholder_title

Expensive Errors: Five Costly Driving Habits

Most drivers are guilty of at least one bad habit behind the wheel whether they are aware of it or not. Unfortunately, those bad habits that have become so ingrained you don't really think about them can turn out to be seriously costly mistakes. These five bad habits are bound to cost you money in the long run - whether from fines, insurance rate increases or often both. Read moresave money on insuranceplaceholder_title

Know Your Life Insurance Needs: Do You Have Enough?

Your needs for life insurance coverage will vary throughout your lifetime depending on a wide variety of factors including how many dependants you have and how much debt you carry. As your life changes, so does your need for life insurance. Knowing how much you need at each stage of your life will make sure that you have protected your loved ones from a financial burden. While your needs are highly individual, there is some common ground for people in each stage of life. Read more

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Did you know that you can qualify as a non-smoker in the eyes of the insurer once you've gone 12 months without any form of tobacco or nicotine products?

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