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Rental Cars and Your Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

March break is around the corner and whether you rent a car frequently or only occasionally for a road trip, it’s important to understand how your existing car insurance applies to a rental car, and what the risks may be of choosing not to purchase additional coverage from the rental car company. Before you get behind the wheel of a rental, get all your questions answered and all of the facts straight...Read more


Tip of the Month: A Five Minute Review Could Save Your On Car Insurance

Most people are not taking a close enough look at their car insurance often, if at all. They may glance at it on renewal and call to ask why their rate has gone up, but they don’t often take the time to look over the policy for accuracy. While it only takes a few minutes to review your policy, it can save you hundreds or even thousands. Reviewing your policy - when you get the renewal paperwork in the mail for your car insurance policy is the perfect time to sit down and look over the information contained in it, but you can review at any time during the policy term...Read more

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Getting the Most Out of Motorcycle Insurance

With motorcycle season fast approaching and the warm weather on the horizon, many riders are itching to get back on the road. Liability insurance for your motorcycle, like car insurance, is mandatory for anyone who wants to hit the road on two wheels. While every rider has to have a policy in force, not every rider is getting the most out of that policy. Just like with car insurance, there are some insider tips that can help ensure those premiums are bringing the best deal and the best coverage. Discounts for Riders - there’s a lot of focus on car insurance discounts out there, so sometimes it’s not so clear that motorcycle insurance qualifies for a number of discounts as well. But many insurance companies do offer discounts to riders to help with premiums. Insuring a motorcycle at the same company where other policies are in force, such as auto or home, can earn riders a multi-policy discount on that motorcycle policy. Most insurance companies also offer discounts for those who have taken a riding safety course....Read more

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Buying a new car? Be a smart shopper.

3 Common Negotiating Mistakes by New Car Buyers

Most consumers making any big purchase will undoubtedly comparison shop prices. This is definitely the case when it comes to the second most expensive purchase most consumers will make aside from their home – a new car...

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