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MARCH 2013


Tip of the Month: Change Your Habits, Lower Your Rates

Everyone likes to think they are a good driver, but most of us have a bad habit or two that puts us at a higher risk for a ticket or for an accident. Getting rid of bad habits behind the wheel not only makes Canada’s roads safer for everyone, but it can help make sure your car insurance quotes and rates stay lower. Canada’s Worst Driving Habits - there are many bad habits a driver can have, but there are a few that seem to be more common than the others – and sadly they are also some of the most dangerous...Read more

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Life Insurance: Your Needs, Your Coverage

Life insurance can seem complicated on the surface, but once you understand the types of policies and how they work at different stages of life, it becomes easier to understand. Everyone needs life insurance, but to choose the right policy for your needs right now – and for the future – you need to know a little about how the different types of insurance policies work...Read more

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Before You Renew: Getting the Most From Home Insurance

Home insurance is something most people don’t think about much; they simply pay it year after year and accept that it’s part of home ownership. But when your home insurance comes up for renewal, you should be giving it a little more attention to make sure you are getting the most for your money – and that it’s covering you properly. Although there may be years when not much changes around your home, there are years when things change dramatically. Major renovations – or even minor ones – can mean a big difference on your insurance. Often people don’t think to notify their insurance company when they do some work around the house, but that means that upgrades to your home might not be covered...Read more

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