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APRIL 2013


Top Five Mistakes That Could Cost You on Car Insurance

Most people make an effort to make certain they are getting a good deal on the right car insurance policy; after all, it’s an expensive but necessary part of driving. But even those who are conscientious about it can make costly mistakes; and if you aren’t putting much thought into your insurance policy, odds are good you could be over paying on several fronts. These common car insurance buying mistakes are the most likely to be hurting your bottom line...Read more

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Five Latest Car Insurance Myths

Shopping for car insurance is complicated enough without running into a lot of false information; yet car insurance myths seem to pop up all the time. To avoid getting caught by one of the latest myths making the rounds, take the time to find out the truth. These car insurance myths are common, but simple to debunk.Myth: New cars always cost more to insure. While there is a correlation between the value of a car and the cost of the insurance, a brand new car won’t always be more...Read more

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Tips for Avoiding the Most Common Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are one of the most common reasons for increased insurance rates, and the common driving habits that result in getting one are more than just an expensive behaviour – they are also dangerous. Most of the common traffic tickets are very easy to avoid with a little extra caution and attention while behind the wheel. By dropping these bad driving habits, drivers can avoid expensive increases on insurance premiums as well as fines, and reduce the likelihood of an accident as well...Read more

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