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How to Save Money on Gas: 10 Fuel Efficient Driving TipsFuel prices are not a fan favourite in Canada; it’s up there with car insurance premiums. And, if you live in Ontario, the new year brought an increase in prices at the pump; about 5 cents a litre. Learn how you can save on gas with these 10 fuel efficient driving tips. Read more »
Top 20 International Destinations for TravellersThere’s nothing like packing your bags, grabbing all your travel documents, getting on a flight, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the world. If you have the travel bug and need inspiration on where to go we've got 20 places worth consideration. Read more »
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No matter if you’re driving, walking or biking, traffic in Toronto is a part of life. But the City recently announced plans to make changes to 10 of it's most congested intersections. Find out which streets are the most traffic-heavy. Read more »
According to Statistics Canada, last year police-reported break-ins were up for the first time since 2003. Ten tips to keep your home safe from would-be thieves. Read more »
The way your home insurance rate is calculated may seem like a mystery. But there are many reasons, both in and out of your control, that can make your home insurance rate rise and fall. Our insurance expert, Anne Marie, explains in this video series... Read more »
Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Carry-On Your carry-on is the key to a smooth plane ride. But what should you pack? Check out our top 10 items to keep calm and carry on... Read more »
life insurance close upWhen you sign your name at the bottom of a life insurance policy, the goal is to protect your family in the event you die of natural cause or disease... Read more »