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Travel Safety

If you love to travel, you know how important it is to make sure that you are safe and you are keeping your belongings safe as well. As you travel out of the country, you may encounter situations where you may not feel comfortable or there may be a language barrier. If you know how to handle these situations, you will be able to return home safely and without any problems.

If you plan on traveling within Canada, things aren’t as complicated (but you should still check your province rules). If you plan on traveling away from your home country, you will want to read over this list and make sure to follow the travel tips.

Passport and Emergency Information

One thing you will want to do is sign your passport. This is important and also helpful especially when you are traveling abroad. A passport that is not signed will not be considered valid and you may run into problems when you are trying to enter and exit countries.

You should fill out the emergency section of your passport to ensure that if you are hurt or your passport is found, someone can contact your emergency contacts or you. If you do not have a passport or are not required to carry one where you are going, you should always have some type of paper with any emergency information written down on it.

Medical Information

When you are traveling, you will want to make sure that you take a little card or bracelet with you that identifies if you have any medical conditions. This will help in the event that you are hurt. You will want to place relevant and important information on this card or bracelet such as any medications you are allergic to and also any medical conditions you may be suffering from. This will help emergency and medical crews when they are trying to care for you.


One thing you will want to do is make sure you leave a copy of all your travel documents and itinerary with your loved ones. This is beneficial because they will always know where you are supposed to be and they will know if there is a problem if you do not arrive or they do not hear from you. You should also leave this information with them so that your loved ones can contact you if they have an emergency back home.

Prepare Yourself

There are different measures you can take to make sure that you do not become a victim of crime. In some countries, citizens will target foreigners and try to steal from them. This can be a problem especially if you have never travelled before and you are not sure of what to do. There are some things you can do to prevent yourself from looking like a tourist.

Remember to leave your expensive and flashy items at home. You do not need to wear all of your jewelry to walk around the town and shop. Jewelry is a desired item and if you flaunt it, it may get stolen. You will also want to make sure you only travel with the amount of money you need for the day. Traveling with large amounts of money can be dangerous. Leave your credit cards and extra cash in a safe spot. If your wallet gets stolen or lost, you will not be out much money if you only took a small amount with you.

Never leave your bags or personal items in a public place unattended. Always take your bags with you or leave them with one of your traveling partners.

When it comes to traveling safety, it is about common sense. Make sure that you are doing things to keep yourself safe and never leave your items with someone you do not know. If you follow the above tips, you will be able to be located in the event of an emergency and your family can be contacted if you have an emergency. You will always want to make sure to keep extra copies of necessary information on you in case you are ever questioned.

When you travel overseas or to another country, just be smart about it and keep yourself from being the victim of crime. You should always travel around with someone you know and never flash your money or expensive items around.

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