What Information do you need to Get Car Insurance?

Car Insurance Policy
If saving money is your top priority this year, you may be looking for places to cut costs. You can start by reviewing what you pay for auto insurance. There are many different options for auto insurance policies, and a little research could save you a lot of money.

When shopping for car insurance, you will need information about yourself and your driving history, as well as of the other drivers in your household. Here is the information you will need to have handy to complete a quote:

You and your driving record

The information that will be asked of yourself and other drivers within your household include the following:

Graduated licensing dates - In order to calculate your premium, insurance companies must know which licence you hold and how long you have been licensed.

Driver training course - Some insurance companies offer a better driving rate to drivers who have completed an accredited driver's training course within the last three years. Before issuing a policy, the insurance company may ask for a copy of your driver's training certificate.

Primary/Principle driving dates - This should not be confused with the date you or the driver received his or her driver's licence. This is the date on which the driver became designated the primary driver on an insurance policy.

Length of time insured - The amount of time you have been continuously insured can have a positive impact on your premium.

Accidents in the past 10 years (with fault level) - You will need to list all at fault accidents for all vehicles you were driving in the past ten years.

Licence suspensions in the past six years - If your driver's licence was suspended for any number of reasons such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to pay outstanding fees or fines or a criminal code conviction. You will need to list this as part of your quote.

Tickets in the past three years - Tickets include any moving violations for which the driver has been convicted such as speeding and not wearing a seatbelt. This does not include parking tickets.

Your vehicle

The make, model and year of the car to be insured are required. Also you will need to indicate whether your vehicle was purchased or leased.

You will also be asked how the car will be used. Is it for business or pleasure? Will you be commuting to work every day and if so, what is the estimated mileage and the distanced driven annually?

Your coverage

Finally, you will also be able to complete the level of coverage desired - level of liability coverage, and collision and comprehensive deductible amounts respectively.

To find out if you can save money on car insurance this year, shop your rate online today.