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Romanov Report 29 – Dec 20, 2005

December 20, 2005

Attorney General’s Proposal

We sent the Attorney General over 400 of your emails, protesting “affidavit” testimony in court, in place of the police officer who  ticketed you. Affidavit testimony takes away your right to cross examine  your accuser.

The end result is that the government’s proposed legislation is NOT  going to allow “affidavit” testimony. They will, however, allow video  testimony to be used. Video cameras will be set up in certain locations  and the police officer can provide their live testimony to the court. This  will allow you to cross examine the officer who ticketed you.

Court Representation: Now, more than ever, drivers are going to need  professional representation. POINTTS, the traffic  ticket specialists, provide a FREE consultation, so take advantage of it.

Tick, Tick, Tickets

Demerit Points: Demerit points are assigned by the Ministry Of

Transportation and determine whether or not your driver’s licence should be suspended or not renewed. Demerit points do not affect your insurance,
but suspensions do.

Tickets: Tickets such as driving in the new “High Occupancy Lanes”, having snow on your car windows obstructing your vision, or even a $35 fine for not carrying your driver’s licence can cause your insurance rate to increase up to $500 for one ticket. For two tickets your rate could increase by $1,500.

Here is the list of tickets that can affect your insurance rate, so don’t be surprised if this happens to you.

Astrological Signs And Their Influence On Getting Ticketed

InsuranceHotline.com compared 100,000 driver’s profiles to their  astrological signs. Here’s a little insight to how your “astrological  sign” may influence your chances of being pulled over. From “worst” to “best”, here are the astrological signs of drivers that got ticketed the  most.

For more information you can read about it in Car Carma, the book.

1) Pisces:Worst Chance For Getting Ticketed: Pisces are risk takers, daydreamers, and fantasize about becoming race car drivers.

2) Aries:
The influence of this sign makes the Aries driver feel like they own the road, and are often in a big

3) Aquarius: Aquarians are influenced by  Uranus,
which is the the planet of speed and rebellion.
eed we say any more.

4) Capricorns:
Are concerned with the destination, not the journey.  Speed
limits are not going to  get
in their way.

5) Libras: Need to seek consensus,
wanting all drivers to  justget  along, which is not going to happen at rush hour.

6) Taurus:
The bull is their mascot and they must
suppress that
urge to  want
atred lights.

7) Scorpios: Dominate both relationships and the roadways. If you cut off a Scorpio, plan on being chased.

8) Leo:
Loves the spot light, but the flashing
lights of a police car is not a good

9) Cancer:
Does not like to suffer in silence, in traffic jams you can hear the”horns” of their moodiness.

10) Virgos: Focus on minor, often unimportant details. This
ability allows them to rarely miss the perfect spot for a speed trap.

11) Sagittarius:
Have a taste for thrills but  the wisdom to leave the extreme
driving  to the cabbies.

12) Gemini: BestChance For NOT  Getting Ticketed: The
twins are the sign for Gemini. While one is driving the other is their



This week’s question asks: If the court reduces your fine to $0 and drops the demerit points on your speeding ticket, will the ticket count on your insurance?



We will email you the results in your next Romanov Report.

New Year’s Resolution – Fight your traffic tickets!

When Ticketed: Many drivers feel that if they are ticketed, they are  guilty and do not believe that they have any chance when fighting the  ticket in court. This is wrong. The ticketing officer is not “your” judge  and jury. Police officers are human and do make mistakes at work like  everybody else.

Look at this chart: Here’s an example of 30 insurance companies’ rates for  a driver with a clean record. It also shows what happens if they get  ticketed, possibly after having an accident. This also shows why you  should always check what you are paying through www.InsuranceHotline.com  to make sure you are not paying a higher rate than you have to.

Driving Record Lowest Highest Difference
Clean $1,321 $2,852 $1,531
1 ticket $1,621 $4,784 $3,163
2 tickets $1,871 $5,424 $3,553
1 accident $2,805 $11,301 $8,496
1 ticket and 1 accident $3,115 $11,301 $8,186


Happy New Year!