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2015′s Best Cars On The Road: Which Are Cheapest To Insure?

December 22, 2014

Car and Driver’s 10Best cars listed and ranked based on car insurance premiums

Will you be buying a new car in 2015? Chances are, if a new set of wheels will soon be making an appearance in your driveway, you’ll come across Car and Driver’s 10Best cars in the course of your research. But how do these cars stack up when you factor in car insurance? We compared car insurance quotes for each at InsuranceHotline.com to get a feel for how much they might cost to insure.

Car and Driver’s 10Best

According to Car and Driver, each of the following cars will entertain and delight any driver. Listed in alphabetical order, these cars were picked—from the roughly 150 new car models out there—because they stand apart from the rest.

  • BMW M235i
  • Cadillac CTS
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Honda Accord
  • Mazda 3
  • Mazda 6
  • Porche Boxster/Cayman
  • Tesla Model S 60
  • Volkswagen Golf/GTI

For the reviews of each car and to see what makes them so special, visit Car and Driver.

A Case Study: One Driver, Six Ontario Cities And Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars

How do the best cars rank when it comes to auto insurance? InsuranceHotline set out to find out what a typical driver might find when comparing auto insurance quotes for the cars selected. We compared quotes in six Ontario cities—Ajax, Cambridge, London, Ottawa, Peterborough, and Toronto, and ranked them based on which ones look to cost less to insure than the rest:

  1. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  2. Volkswagen Golf
  3. Porsche Boxster
  4. Tesla Model S*
  5. Mazda 6
  6. Honda Accord
  7. Mazda 3
  8. Volkswagen GTI
  9. Cadillac CTS
  10. Ford Mustang GT
  11. BMW M235i
  12. Porsche Cayman

Bet you wouldn’t have thought that a Corvette would come out on top, but it did for our fictional 40-year-old driver with a clean driving and insurance history. It just goes to show, why comparing quotes before you buy is so important.

From the number one position to the 12th, the difference in quoted premiums is about $408. Could saving a few hundred dollars influence which new car you buy?

Find Out Which Car Offers You The Lowest Car Insurance Rate

Every person is different, so the car that costs you the least to insure may not actually be the car that costs your neighbour the least to insure. The reason is because there’s a lot that goes into determining your car insurance rate. Factors like where you live, your driving and insurance history, your driving record and the car you drive all matter, so if you’re in the market to buy one of Car and Driver’s 10Best cars, compare car insurance quotes first. It takes only a few minutes, and could save you hundreds of dollars.

The Best Of The Best

If these cars don’t have you revving your engine, then perhaps you’re looking for something more like:

* The 2015 Tesla Model S 60 was not available, so the 2014 Tesla Model S was used instead.

  • justino

    Still govt sanctioned financial rape either way you look at it.

  • Laura Johnson Cyr

    I have used the insurance hotline many times to get auto quotes. Unfortunately, once you pick a company with the cheapest quote and sign up with them, you inevitably get a phone call well after your previous insurance is now cancelled saying “oh we forgot or oh, we didn’t realize…” and then you are dinged for more than what you were paying before. Been there, done that too many times.

  • George

    More than often your quote differs from the rate of the actual company.

  • Diablo Corazon

    Thank-you for the feedback. I am currently looking at quotes on Insurance Hotline and will keep that in mind.
    I had a similar experience with Allstate Insurance. I left them because they could not insure my cars, house and rental property because there was a small amount of galvanized plumbing. A year later they said things changed and they could now offer insurance on everything. A few months after my old insurance expired, Allstate sent out an inspector who then demanded the galvanized pipes be removed within 30 days. It almost ended with a lawsuit.

  • Patricia Hendricks

    Laura Johnson: For what advice you get from Insurance Hotline you could do yo yourself a favour from the Yellow pages for your area. I like the advice re: tires etc. On the whole I don’t think Hotline for insurance as good as they would have us believe.

  • BuckDSystem

    How is it possible that a Corvette is cheaper to insure than a VW Golf? I don’t buy it. There must be info left out.

  • Albert

    I purchase a corolla and it’s very costly to insure to bad good car but you get rape.

  • aribadabar

    Of course. Sensationalism trumps logic.

  • LHales

    Insurance Hotline saved me 300 dollars this year. My previous agency raised my rates dramatically every year including this year yet nothing on my profile has changed. I have no infractions, only drive 2500 km a year and the only change was that I was 1 year older. My original 10 quotes ranged from 425 to 540 a year lower and when I equalized the coverage to what I had been receiving, I still save 300 a year or 25 dollars a month. My agency was Atto with Intact insurance and they did not give me the legislated reduction so I changed carriers after at last 9 years with them. I lost all respect when I realized that they thought they could get away with it.