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The Best-Selling Trucks in Canada: Which Are Cheapest to Insure?

January 30, 2019

Best-Selling Trucks in CanadaIf you thought the Honda Civic’s dominance as Canada’s best-selling car for the last 21 years was impressive, then you’ll want to hold onto your hat: Ford says the F-Series line of trucks has been a favourite in Canada for more than five decades. In fact, it is the only vehicle to surpass the 100,000 sales achievement in 2018 with more than 155,000 pickups sold.

The best-selling trucks in Canada

As Canada’s best-selling truck, the Ford F-Series outsold its closest competitor—the Ram 1500—by more than 67,000 vehicles. Here’s how the rest of the trucks rank based on 2018 auto sales data*:

  1. Ford F-Series
  2. Ram 1500
  3. Chevrolet Silverado
  4. GMC Sierra
  5. Toyota Tacoma
  6. Toyota Tundra
  7. Chevrolet Colorado
  8. GMC Canyon
  9. Nissan Titan
  10. Nissan Frontier

How do the best-selling trucks compare when it comes to auto insurance?

For drivers interested in the cost of auto insurance as much as a truck’s towing capacity, we compared quotes for Canada’s top-selling trucks in six Ontario cities (Ajax, Cambridge, London, Ottawa, Peterborough, and Toronto) and then ranked the trends we noted. Here’s what we saw: the Toyota Tacoma consistently came out on top as one of the cheapest trucks to insure. The GMC Canyon also did well.

  1. Toyota Tacoma
  2. GMC Canyon
  3. Chevrolet Colorado
  4. Nissan Titan
  5. Ford F-Series
  6. Nissan Frontier
  7. Chevrolet Silverado
  8. Toyota Tundra
  9. GMC Sierra
  10. Ram 1500

How are auto insurance rates calculated?

There’s no simple formula, really, but there are a lot of factors that go into the how auto insurance is rated. Factors like where you live, your insurance history, and driving record for example, all matter and affect your auto insurance premium. Another important factor is theft and this is likely where Ford’s F-Series gets hit the hardest when it comes to auto insurance. Last year, the Ford F-Series of trucks took nine out of 10 spots on Canada’s most stolen vehicles list.

Find out which truck offers you the lowest auto insurance rate

Because every person is different, the truck that costs you less to insure may not actually be the one that’s cheapest for your neighbour. That’s why, if you’re in the market to buy one of Canada’s best-sellers, you should compare auto insurance quotes first to see which will save you the most in auto insurance.

* Sales data from Good Car Bad Car Auto Sales Data.

This article is updated annually to reflect the latest sales trends in Canada.

  • Art Vandelay

    How about we encourage people to drive cars and not gas guzzling trucks.

  • EnoughAlready

    Ever try pulling a heavy load or delivering building materials in a car? Not everybody drives only to an office.

  • CaptRogueWarrior

    I wouldn’t class the ridgeline as a truck! Its more of a unibody yuppie Crossover!

  • marco

    About 15 of all Pickups sold in North America are actually used for work they are meant for, the rest are dumb posers that try show how macho they are, and make up for their little winners with the biggest roller they can find.

    I have yet to see a pickup with building materials in it, every dumb redneck thinks that a box of cereal and a yuppy little dog qualifies to drive around Heavy Duty trucks.

    Outside Home Depot all the hard working guys I see use large vans, (like the Ram Van) loaded with plywood and drywall.

    Hopefully gas will jump back up to 4-5/gallon soon, that’ll fix all the half wits.

  • Nicolaas DeWit

    Couldn’t get all my tools for the job in a civic…so i got a f 150 eco engine..runs more economical than most vans or even older cars.

  • William George

    try making a car that has the same capacities as a truck, it’s that simple …

  • William George

    If you want to look at cost, then the two wheel bicycle has to be the most expensive that use our roads when you factor in the cost of bike lanes that cost millions of dollars for the small amount of users, it’s seasonal at best.