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Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save

The Insider – Vol. 12.4

February 21, 2012

Tips to Save You Money on Your Family’s Car Insurance

These days everyone is looking to save money wherever they can, and while car insurance is a necessity, it doesn’t have to cost you more than it should. Insurance companies today offer a wide variety of discounts and options to help save some money on your family’s car insurance. If you’re looking to lower your insurance bill…read more

When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance is something most people do not think about until a major life change causes them to consider what might happen to their loved ones should a tragedy occur. Marriage and the birth of a child are the two most common events that lead people to look at life insurance, and although they are both good reasons to prepare for the unforeseen, they are not the only good time to buy… read more

Consequences of Major and Minor Tickets

As a driver, you already know there are consequences for breaking the rules of the road - but do you know the difference between a minor and major infraction? Or what about how convictions can influence your insurance rates?

Keep in mind that earned demerit points come off your record two years after the offense is logged. A ticket stays on your record for three years from the date of conviction. So stay on the side…read more


“My vehicle is damaged in an accident and will be in the shop for repairs for 3 or 4 days. Will my insurance company pay for the cost of a rental vehicle?”

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Did you know that mortgage insurance offered by the bank must be renewed with the mortgage?

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