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The Top Secret Tips That Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

December 10, 2012

Insurance QuotesWhen it comes to saving money on car insurance, there are plenty of tips and advice out there, not all of them accurate or even a wise decision. To really lower your insurance quotes and rates without giving up coverage or the service you want from your insurance company, follow these insider tips. They are the top secret and incredibly easy ways to pay less for auto insurance.

How You Pay Your Bill Matters.

A lot of people pay their car insurance in monthly installments to take some of the immediate pressure of paying a large sum up front off the budget. But what they may not realize is that paying in full can actually save you money. First off, there are the monthly fees that most companies charge you for paying in installments. But there could be even more savings than that when you pay in full.

Many insurance companies will actually offer a discount to people who choose to pay the entire term up front. Because it saves them the billing process and ensures they have the full premium, they will often reduce the rate as an incentive. Ask your insurance company if they will take a percentage off your bill if you pay in full.

Don’t Reduce – Raise.

Reducing your coverage seems like an easy way to save money, and certainly it is a means to an end. Unfortunately it is also a big risk to take. If you don’t have enough coverage – or the right coverage – when there is an accident or other incident requiring a claim, you will find it could cost you a lot more than you ever saved on your insurance.

On the other hand, there is something you can actually raise on your insurance policy and save money – the deductible. The deductible applies to collision and comprehensive coverage, and is the portion that you are expected to pay out of pocket when you make a claim against either of those coverages on your policy. While many people balk at increasing that amount, the important thing to remember is that the odds of needing to pay that amount are in your favour – if you are a good driver. You only pay the collision deductible if you are at fault in the accident, and comprehensive is for anything other than an accident. You may save enough to make up the difference very quickly if you carry a higher deductible.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts.

The existence of discounts on car insurance is no secret, but the fact is that there are a great number of discounts available that most people aren’t even aware of. Ask your insurance company for a list of their available discounts, and you are likely to be surprised by how long it is. A few of the discounts you could be getting if you only know they exist include the good student discount (which at many insurance companies applies to university students as well as high school students, a lesser known fact), discounts for installing winter tires, and discounts for adding certain anti-theft devices.

Some of these discounts you won’t get unless you provide documentation to your insurance company showing that you qualify for them. That means they won’t be added automatically, so many people don’t even know they exist.

Shop Around.

Shopping around for better car insurance quotes is not a secret, but many people don’t really believe it can make a difference. It’s not just a ploy to get you to move to another insurance company; shopping around really can save you a lot of money on your insurance premiums. Insurance rates are determined by each company individually, and they can decide what will affect those rates. That means that even if you have problems on your driving record, you can still find a better rate. It may be the biggest secret of all that tickets and accidents don’t mean high rates everywhere you go. You really can lower your rates if you make the effort.

Car insurance experts know that shopping around isn’t just one of the ways you can save, but in fact the best way.

Lower car insurance rates are possible without giving anything up on your coverage. Not only can you use any of these tips, but you can actually use all of them together to get the best rates possible on your auto insurance. That means that when you shop around, ask about the other items that can save you money on the new quote as well, and get the lowest rate.

  • manuel

    The only way to save money on car insurance is to move to western Canada. Ontario insurance companies want your last dollar.

  • H.Bajwa

    Insurance is higher only in GTA ON. Majority of people living in this area are brown. Rest of ON is paying very reasonable premium , compareable with rest of Canada.

  • Fabian

    Not true…I shop around all the time using insurancehotline.com and it gives you the best 3 quotes. My insurance is just as cheap here in Ontario as it was in Calgary, Alberta. I pay less insurance than most of the people I know…and I always tell them…shop around and use insurancehotline.com…they don’t want your money, they’re just making sure you don’t get ripped off. Seriously dude…dirt cheap insurance. Example…I have 3 vehicles, 2012 Impala LTZ, 2007 Sierra SLE, and my winter beater 96 Explorer…all fully insured, with 1,000,000 liability and a deductible of $1,000…my insurance is roughly $50 per month, per car…and when winter comes, I reduce my insurance to just theft/damage on the two nice vehicles…I save a TON of money. Just the 96 Explorer is less than $500/year. Shop around…and use insurancehotline.com…you won’t get screwed over.

  • Victor Nguyen

    paying too much for insurance systems in Ontario

  • ckmba

    It is nearly impossible to save on auto insurance in Ontario. The insurance rates are very disputable. For someone like myself that has never been in a accident or had gotten a ticket I pay very high premiums for no reason. I have been driving for almost 15 years now. I am not high risk from my driving habits. In the US, insurance rates are so reasonable. Something has to change for good.

  • Greg

    In Toronto just moving from one area code to another within the boundaries of Metro Toronto makes a big deal of difference on the rate you will be paying. I was facing a 100% increase just based on this alone because the area I was moving to has a higher rate of fraud. My four years of driving without a claim did not matter one iota to the insurance company, I was now being judged by who my neighbors were which on the surface appears to be discriminatory and not in the spirit of the Canadian charter of rights. Perhaps a class action suit against the insurance companies would set them straight.

  • Robert g

    So why is that insurance companies raise your insurance for just moving. I have been driving for over 30 years and over 20 with no convictions or accidents. I moved 6 km and my insurance premium went up 46 dollars a month. So why am I getting penalized for others bad driving and carelessness. Any other place in Canada calculates your premium on your driving record not on the records of people that live around you. And also why in Ontario when there is multi drivers in a household only the cheapest one gets insurance and the rest use that insurance, so now the rest of us have to pay for this when they get into accidents. Not fair.

  • Dr Sanjay Gupta

    Why on this earth especially in Ontario Canada,a driver is penalised without a crime i.e.I moved from India and have experience of driving all possible vehicles private cars.SUV etc.I have driven in UK,USA.
    Why I am treated as a new driver in ON and insurance companies charge premiums on the arbitrary postulations as for the young new male driver.Why I am penalised for a crime that I never committed.

  • steve

    Why are Canadians paying so much more for auto insurance than Americans with the same traffic , road conditions amount of bad weather and other risks ect ?. General Insurance of the U.S.A. advertises a rate of $39.00 us per month. I know that is for best driver rates ,but that is well below the Canadian best rate which is well over $80 per month. That is for bare-bones coverage too. I know because I checked it out when I shopped around. What gives?

  • Bert

    Don’t drive

  • Mohammed

    I have observed a trend. If an area has higher accident or claim, the rate is high: not considering more people lives there, more cars there and more premiums they are getting from that area anyway… Next: If you want rate for a most popular car, most likely rate will be very high.due to more claims… interesting!!! …without considering more people driving this car..and what percentage are claiming.??? So if you are driving are driving a very expensive car.. not many people can afford.. most likely you will pay less premium… That is why a Civic has more premium than a BMW.. Infact you can buy a BMW from the money you will be saving on premiums from a Civic. Does it make any sense!!!!

  • markie perez

    the ontario govt. should do something about that! why the good drivers without an accident claims, no tickets, penalized for the fault of other driver and because of the area code that you’re living?
    it’s time to VOICE out this unfair treatment!

  • Jessy

    I finally got my g2 I can afford a car now but not the insurance how am I ever going to get my G if I never get to drive I live in Hamilton and will be paying at least 350 per month my friend lives in Port hope She pays 100 per month we are the same age and got our licences at the same time she owns a F150 and can afford her insurance so NOT FAIR GET IT TOGETHER ONTARIO

  • Mohammed

    Just to add a little more. Why Ontarians pay more premiums?? Don’t blame the insurance companies!!. Same companies are everywhere. Its the policy by Ont govt.. Ins companies have to give you certain coverages such that in the event of an accident OHIP does not pay for the treatment + Some long term coverages..( I did read in a news paper). which leaves room for fraud.. So some people are taking advantages of it and made insurnace companies pay out huge amounts in fraud claims (loop hole). So the burden comes to the “NOT SO BAD PEOPLE”. Thanks to Ont govt…

  • KKK

    Insurance companies are the biggest fraud themselves. Ontario is becoming very difficult to make ends meet. Maybe its time to move to Western Canada. I pay $250 a month on an 2006 Altima with no accidents, no tickets, no claims what so ever and I am 32. My younger brother pays $50/month in western Canada with 2 speeding tickets and a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I am being screwed over royally just becuase I live in GTA.

  • Brandon

    Here’s some live math for you, 18 years old + clean driving record + advanced driving course = $306/month for liability only in Ontario
    19 years old + 1 speeding ticket + 1 at fault accident = $157/month for full coverage in alberta
    That’s my story

  • Hari

    Ontario is the worst place in the world as far as the auto insurance goes.
    1. The rates are very high
    2. New-comers have almost no chance of getting a reasonable rate. They will rip you off.
    3. You have pay for what others’ fraud and accidents!!! Unbelievable.
    4. The insurance companies have apples in both hands.
    5. Don’t understand why the politicians don’t act on such irrational auto-insurance rules.

  • Androme

    Hi, I am a brand new driver in Canada. Got my G2 in Nov 2012. I bought a 2013 Hyundai Canada in Jan 2013 (brand new) and my insurance is $258. I am not very familiar with Insurance rates and the system. However, $258 makes me feel that I am paying a lot for insurance. Do you guys think that I am being ripped or do you guys think that compared to Canadian or Toronto standards I have gotten away with a good rate. THanks guys and drive safe.

  • Daniel

    Evil practices strives when people in authority refuses to speak out. Is it that the insurance companies are own by our representatives in government or a certain percentage of their profit is shared amonst our politicians. It’s a shame this ripoff is allowed to continue this long.

  • Daivd

    The Ontario govt. makes money from people’s paying insurance. You pay more, the govt. gets more. That is the same reason the govt. never do something to makes the gas price down.

  • john


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    You are welcome!

  • Eric

    I’m 31 years old, live in Toronto. I’ve never made a claim and haven’t had a ticket since 2003. I drive a 4dr mazda 3 gs, primarily to work (10km) and leisure. I put winter tires on in the winter, have a CAA membership, etc etc. I’ve NEVER seen a reduction in my insurance premiums in the five years I’ve lived in Toronto. In fact, my premiums go up at least 8% a year. My current insurer informed me they will no longer be offering auto insurance so I’m out shopping around again. Lowest quote so far is $2784/yr. That’s about $230/m. Sounds about right for a spotless driving record and guy over 30…

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    You are best to check with an insurance broker or agent. They can give you advice on that.

    Thank you

  • kris4

    19 years old 4 minor with an m1 need insurance asap!

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    You can check with the Facility Association at

  • usa i love

    Depends also on your postal code. I saved about 40 percent moving to St Catharines.

  • Leo

    Im moving to ontario from regina sk i was just wondering since i work 7 months out of the year in alberta can i live in ontario and still insure my truck in sk or ab?


    I’m a broker in Ontario and most people assume that their rates drop every year because of their driving record/veh age/loyalty to their insurance company. By that logic your insurance should be free after 30 years or so of clean driving history. Hate to break it to you, nothing is free. Also, just an FYI, you’re being rated according to the risk you present. You live in Toronto, of course your premiums are going to be expensive, you live around 4 million other people in a densely populated area. You’re at a higher risk for collision/theft/stupidity. You’re also in the same risk sharing pool as them. Too many people taking from the same pot unfortunately means your rates go up. Thats the price we pay for living in Toronto. In the end, although I work for an insurance company, they absolutely overcharge. However All State, Intact, The Personal and on occasion TD Moloche Monnex have the best/cheapest rates for Toronto. look for discounts…Multi-line discounts, anti-theft device discounts, graduated license discounts, marriage discounts, winter tire discounts…..the list goes on. Shop smart and do your research.

  • jess

    so between 18 and 19 you got a speeding ticket and were in an accident? Why are you confused about the higher rate for 18-19 than 19+? Maybe they’re statistically evaluating that young drivers make stupid choices, but later learn from them with more experience.

  • Steven

    hello everyone, what happens when someone doesn’t have documents that he had insurance for his car? what I mean.. I talked with my insurance about my previous insurance I had in my country. The issue begins right there, I cannot fine the documents I had insurance on my own vehicle for 2 years. As a result, the insurance company in Canada, doesn’t recognize my previous drive history. Can someone tell me what I should do about it? I started driving in 2007, and since then I have 0 speed tickets, and 0 traffic tickets.

  • InsuranceHotline

    You can contact the insurance company in your previous country. They may be able to send you a letter of experience.