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Tips for Drivers to Avoid the Risks of Driving Unlicensed or Uninsured

February 22, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: February 23, 2012 – Driving without a license or without insurance are a bigger risk than many people think, and InsuranceHotline.com provides the important facts every driver should know about being legal on the road. A valid driver’s license and proof of insurance might be simply a pieces of paper, but they are also the important legal documents than ensure every car on the road is being driven by a tested and financially responsible person who meets every provincial requirement for road safety. Hitting the road without these is illegal and a big risk for everyone.

It is required by law in every province that any driver who gets behind the wheel of a car must meet the legal requirements. This means they must hold a valid driver’s license and carry insurance that meets the minimum coverage required by provincial law. Driving without one or the other may seem like a minor thing, but InsuranceHotline.com wants drivers to know that if caught, they will face very serious consequences.

Driving Without a License

No matter what the reason is for a driver not having a valid license, there is no excuse for being on the road without it. This is among the more serious offences according to the Highway Safety Act. Anyone who drives without a license is endangering the lives of the others on the road because, according to the law, they aren’t qualified to be behind the wheel. A driver cannot be on the road in any of these circumstances:

  • The driver has never been licensed
  • The driver’s license has been suspended
  • The driver’s license is expired
  • The driver is on a graduated licensing system and does not have the required fully licensed driver in the vehicle.

Making the decision to get behind the wheel knowing that the legal requirements are not met is a major offence. The potential consequences of being caught driving without a license depend on the province where the offense takes place and the circumstances but include:

  • Impoundment of the vehicle, regardless of who owns it
  • Receiving a ticket accompanied by a fine
  • Cost of any towing and impound fees
  • Increases in your insurance rates

It is also important to note that if an unlicensed driver is behind the wheel when an accident occurs, a car insurance company may refuse to pay the claim. “Having a license is a part of your contractual agreement with the insurance company,” reminds InsuranceHotline.com’s Tammy Ezer, “and if you break that contract they may consider it void and refuse coverage.”

Driving Without Insurance

The legal requirement for insurance coverage on every vehicle that enters a Canadian road is in place to ensure that everyone is financially responsible for their actions. Driving without insurance is a dangerous proposition that could leave a driver facing some serious consequences, not the least of which is being held responsible for the cost of all repairs and medical bills. Other consequences include:

  • Receiving a ticket and accompanying fine
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Demerit points on your license

There is a difference between driving uninsured and failure to provide proof of insurance. A driver who does have auto insurance but is unable to produce proof when stopped by law enforcement may still face a fine, but it will be less serious than if the driver is actually uninsured.

Drivers should never get behind the wheel without a valid license and the required insurance policy. Be sure when lending a vehicle that the driver is licensed, and remember that insurance follows the vehicle; if an accident occurs the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for damages. Staying legal on the road is the best way to go.

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    There may or may not be coverage in the event of an accident. The parent may have to charge the child with theft.

    Thank you

  • christine

    what happens if a 17 year old, who is not licensed, is allowed by her friend to drive his parent’s car with him in it and she gets caught by the police or has an accident and there are damages to the car or someone is hurt?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    With most insurance companies there would be no coverage for damage to the vehicle as a result of an accident.
    Depending on what city you live in It is also possible that the driver of the vehicle as well as the owner of the vehicle will be held personally responsible for the payment of any damages or injuries.

    thank you

  • Vipul Sehrawat

    Currently I am not insured under any policy as I was considered as a high risk driver.

    My question is that: could I still drive an insured vehicle with a permission from the owner of that vehicle?

    For example, can I drive my friends car with his permission?


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    yes you will be covered under their policy but remember if you have an at fault accident while driving their vehicle, they may see an increase in their insurance.

  • Mike

    Hi, I am an insured driver. I borrowed my friend’s car that is not insured. I got in an accident due to weather condition. I didn’t get any ticket. The car is damaged. Would my own insurance cover any cost associated with this accident since this car doesn’t have insurance?

  • josh

    What is happens if im driving and i forgot my licence at home and i get pulled over

  • disqus_PrDoQTprMZ

    So I made a bad decision a couple months ago I was layed off my insurance was the one that suffered and today I was in accident 100% the other drivers fault my wife and child suffered minor injurys and my car is totaled. .any idea what is going to happen

  • Screwed

    Hi , what if you lend your car to an individual who has led you to believe that they are a G class licensed driver, and in reality they have no license and they get in an accident with your vehicle. I’ve read that the insurance claim may become void if you are AWARE that the driver was not licensed. In my case…the driver made a statement to a traffic investigator that he lied to me about being licensed.

  • Wow

    if you WERE AWARE that the driver did NOT have a full license, than they may think about voiding the Insurance claim. Now on the other hand, since you’re stating you were NOT AWARE of the individual not having a full G class license and they led you to believe they’re a regular G class driver then there is a big chance they WON’T void the Insurance claim. As long as you made that clear to your insurers. The individual, She/He who was involved in the accident should also speak to your insurers with you to back up your statement so it doesn’t start to look like misrepresentation of any kind.

    This incident also happened to my friend a year ago.

  • Stacy

    Hi , I need help , I don’t have a drivers license I have a permit , One day my aunt gave me her permission to drive her car alone . I got into an accident . I ended up hitting a pole . I paid for the car damage out of my own pocket . Now fast forward to couple months after , the insurance company calls my aunt and she lied and said she didn’t give me permission . Now she wants me to tell them the same story , what should I do? , because now I’m going to get my license next month and what problems will I face if I lie for her , plz help

  • InsuranceHotline

    you may want to discuss this with a legal representative as it’s a matter of he said/she said.

  • Megan

    Hi, I have a couple of questions.

    1. My boyfriend recently got a two seating truck that has a jump seat in the back of it so it can allow 3 people to sit inside (including driver).
    Am I allowed to drive it with both my 7year old (who would be in the booster seat upfront) and my 4 year old sitting in the jump seat in the back?
    I have tried to put a car seat in the back but it will not fit at all so my 4year old would just be in the jump seat.

    2. If a vehicle is insured but has not been registered (has a bill of sale with the vehicle), what were to happen if I got into an accident with that vehicle?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If you are not the registered owner of he vehicle you could find yourself without coverage if you have an accident since the insurance policy must be in the name of the registered owner.

  • Melissa

    Nothing, they would just run ur name to see if u have valid license and prolly give u warning to make sure u carry it at all times while driving. Ive hot pulled over and i didnt have my purse with me and they gave me warning and let me off, but ijustwent straight home to pick up my license just incase.
    Hope my answer helped yous out

  • Rosy

    My son recently hit a deer with his truck & it is now undrivable, the problem is that he doesnt have a license so the insurance on the truck is invalid he is told, is there anything he can do? We live in manitoba canada

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is possible that they claim can be denied as permitting an unlicenced driver to drive the vehicle is a violation of the insurance policy.

  • Lori Hunt

    What happens if your licence has been suspended and insurance cancelled and you were in an accident and it was your fault. What happens when your being charged :/ police. Also not to mention still driving without insurance and licence.

  • InsuranceHotline

    There will be no coverage for the vehicle damage and if convicted, there may be a fine of up to $5000 for driving without insurance.

  • InsuranceHotline

    If an unclicenced driver drives your vehicle then it’s possible that your insurance company can deny your claim for damage.

  • InsuranceHotline

    You should never drive with an expired plate as you risk a ticket. to avoid having to pay for the registration in both Alberta and Ontario, check with the Alberta ministry of transportation to see if you can get a short term registration that will get to you Ontario then you can register the vehicle permanently in Ontario.

  • Luis

    My worker and I got pulled over. I have a license but he doesn’t, and he was driving. We both got fined is there anyway to fight the ticket?

  • Amanda Potvin

    Can a ‘family member’ of an owner of a car dealership drive, for personal use only and daily, a demonstrator and not be an employee? What are the impacts to the non employed ‘family member’ concerning insurance and liability?

  • Janine Amos

    what happend in your case ? were u denied?

  • Janine Amos

    same thing just happend as i was moving my boyfriends truck and got hit my licence was canceled i was unawear that getting a government issued id would csncel my class 5 now im worried about my bfs truck not getting fixed and i had no idea

  • Janine Amos

    hi so i was hit bye my neighbor yesterday while driving my boyfriend truck, the cop came charged him with improper turn as he came into my lane which resulted in the accident the when the cop ran my licence he said i dont have a licence.:/ i was shocked because a few months back i justt went and got a government issued id, as i lost my licence and couldnt get a new one . i couldnt pay my photo radars at that point. so the lady issued me just an id and did not mention that that totally canceled my class 5, my heart almost fell out my butt!! so in this case me in a no fault accident is it going to get covered and my class 5 isnt even expired or suspended or anthing like that. the lady said at licence bearu that if i didnt get that id it would show i still have a valid licence, pls help and this was in southren alberta

  • April O’Reilly

    I Live in Manitoba, A neighbour of mine has 2 vehicles, one he keeps in the garage and the othet he drives all the time. He takes the plates off his regular vehicle, puts them on the one in his garage. Then he pulls his regular Montana in the garage and drives away with his brand new equinox. Everyone sees him swap his plate. He pretends to work on his van then swaps his plate, but he hadn’t been caught . We have everything insured. How can this guy get away with doing this?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If he’s stopped by the police or gets into an accident and has incorrect plates and is not insured he could face charges.

  • Maruf

    one of my friend has learning license in Manitoba. but he got into 3 accidents and there was no one with him as supervisor driver. what would be the consequences for him?