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Understanding Right of Way: Common Scenarios

October 3, 2013

Car Accident Right of WayRight of way determines which driver has the right to proceed first, and failure to obey right of way is the cause of a lot of car accidents. Knowing who has right of way and when you should yield the right of way to other drivers in common driving situations can help traffic flow more smoothly and help to avoid crashes. Right of way may be determined by traffic signals, signs, or simply by the rules of the road.

Right of Way Scenario #1: Making a Left Turn

Sometimes right of way in a left turn situation is obvious, such as when you have a green arrow giving you a protected left turn. In some other situations, that turn may not be quite so clear. Unless you have a green arrow, you must always yield to oncoming traffic that is proceeding on a green light. This includes cars making a right turn on the green light. If you make a left turn without a protected green and strike a car that is proceeding in a forward direction, you will likely be found at fault as that other driver had the right of way. The same applies to an uncontrolled intersection; anyone turning left must yield right of way to oncoming traffic and wait for the way to be clear before making a turn.

Right of Way Scenario #2: Right Turn on Red

Making a right turn on red is legal at many intersections. Unless you see a sign indicating that no right turn on red may be made, you can legally do so after you stop at the red light and check for oncoming traffic. When you make a right turn on red, you must yield right of way to any other car proceeding through the intersection with a green light. This includes cars traveling forward and cars making a legal left turn on a solid green when it is safe to do so. Cars moving on a green light always have right of way over a car making a right turn on red.

Right of Way Scenario #3: Merging

Whether it is a lane that is ending or a freeway acceleration lane merging in to traffic, any car entering the flow of traffic must yield right of way to the cars already moving in a forward position. It’s common courtesy for vehicles on freeways and highways to change lanes and allow the merging car to join the flow of traffic, but right of way rules don’t require it. If you are traveling in a forward direction, you have right of way over anyone merging into your lane.

Right of Way Scenario #4: In a Parking Lot

Parking lots can cause some confusion as to right of way, since most of the intersections are not controlled by stop signs or other signage. If you are driving in any main thoroughfare in a parking lot that exits to a street, you have right of way over other cars that are entering that thoroughfare from smaller “feeder” lanes. When it comes to backing out of a parking space, cars already moving through the lane have right of way over a car that is backing out.

Right of Way Scenario #5: Leaving a Driveway

If you are pulling out of a driveway, whether it is a residential driveway or from a parking lot, and into traffic, you must always yield right of way to the drivers in the street. Any time you move into the flow of traffic out of a driveway, drivers already moving have the right of way over your vehicle, and you must wait until the traffic clears to proceed.

Right of way is one of the things that are taken into consideration by both police when handing out traffic violations and by insurance companies when determining fault in an accident. When in doubt, always yield the right of way to any vehicle that is already moving in a forward direction, or any time you are moving from a stopped position into the flow of traffic. You’ll prevent accidents and car insurance rate increases.

  • Peeved

    My pet peeve is when I have a left advance green, so I have right-of-way to make a left turn, but the oncoming drivers decide to make a right turn on, what for them, is a red light. So, in this scenario, they would not have right of way and would be at-fault if there is an accident, correct?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    Hello Peeved,

    If a driver drove through a red light, typically, they would be considered at fault.

  • ob

    An excellent summary of duties and responsibilities. However, pedestrians and cyclists have been left out particularly in Nos.. 2 and 5. Parking lots are particularly dangesrous for thes people.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    If you were stopped at the red light then you would not be at fault.

    Thank you

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It sounds like the other driver may be at fault since they came into your lane. But it might end up a 50/50 split as the adjuster may look at it as a ‘he said-she said”. If you have witnesses you might be able to strengthen your case in you provide those to the adjuster.

    Thank you

  • Nick

    I have a question that I cannot find an answer too, hopefully I’ll get dune good insight. Anyway, I was plowing snow in a parking lot, I was going in reserve with my hazards on, to my left is the entrance to the parking lot, I was about 10-15 feet from the entrance. While driving backwards in the “main” lane of the parking lot a driver took a left turn into the parking lot and we collided. So my question, who is at fault and who had the right of way and the reasoning for that. I am just assuming the car that made the left hand turn entering the parking lot from the street would be at fault as they should yield with any uncontrolled left turn. Thanks for the help! And hopefully swift response!

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    Parking lot accidents, the majority of the time are settled on a 50/50 basis meaning that both parties are 50% responsible. If you have a witnesses who can give a statement that might help.

    Thank you

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    That is a question you should ask your town/city police department.


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It is likely that the vehicle on the left would be at fault.

    thank you

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    Most of the time the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

    Thank you

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It might be that you will both be considered to be 50% at fault.

    Thank you

  • fed up with numbskull drivers!

    This is an everyday occurrence… i have advance green and turn left into my lane and must get in the right lane to make a right turn within 4 car lengths.

    I have my left signal on and head to my appropriate lane and generally 1/2 to 3/4 way thru my left turn i signal i need immediately into right lane.

    Today a car turned right on a red 1/2 way thru my left turn – I believe she rolled thru the light but that’s not my issue.

    I saw her start her turn and I signaled immediately that I needed into the right lane but she proceeded anyway and we both entered our appropriate lanes at the same time. This prevented me from getting into the right lane.

    What am i supposed to do? Do I slam on my brakes to wait to get into the right lane safely, running the risk of being slammed by the cars behind me who have the right of way or do I miss my turn? If it’s the later, I’d miss my turn everyday!!

    I had the advance – the right had turner doesn’t know where I need
    to go – she should have waited to see where I was going AFTER i finished
    my turn.

    If an accident had occurred, who would have been at fault here?


    It’s a bad rule that’s just waiting for an accident to happen!! It’s just as bad a passing on a solid yellow line.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It sounds like you had the right of way as you were on a green.


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    Without witnesses proving that the other driver turned into your lane, an insurance company might find you to be at fault.

  • anon

    who is at fault if we are slowly overtaking a queue of stationary traffic moving toward a right lane filter and a car pulls out of a side street from between a parked car and bus at the bus stop and crashed into the front end of our car

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    This scenario is a bit too vague for us to guess.


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It might be that you are both 50% at fault.


  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It sounds like you will be at fault.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It depends on the city. In some cities drivers are not permitted to turn right on a red light.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It is likely that the driver of the car is at fault.

  • derf

    If I back out of a driveway into traffic across a lane to the far lane would I get a ticket

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    You are best to check with the police department in your city.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    Most of the time, the driver making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • Richard

    I was reversing out of my driveway when another vehicle drove into my driveway and hit me. Now they are saying it is my fault. Is this right?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    The majority of the time the driver who is reversing is considered to be at fault.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    You can try to fight it by contacting the insurance company ombudsperson

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    The majority of the time the drive who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • jharold

    what if the van in front of me not fit in height of mall and im doing backing L back where i from and almost there but i hit the bumper of the car that from intersection and he did not go to middle entrance., i hit him with my left bumper., whos fault.,?

  • jharold

    Default Whos Fault Car Accident
    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Vancouver

    city road with 3 line both inbound and outbound.
    im turning right to mall entrance. mall entrance have 3 lines with seperate by island, the one is for exit from the mall.
    im turning right and the suv in front of me wants to back cause his track ritch the height of the mall parking.
    car from outbount turn left and stop in our line that we could not get truth.
    now his car is parallel in inbound.
    im backing wer i from which is in inbound.
    it is almost there but his front bumper passenser side and my bumper driver side hit.
    question: its right to turn left which your way not fit your car and stop in intersection.,?
    its right to pick 1st line and not the 2nd line with a white straight arrow in floor?
    icbc say its all my fault asking $912 for his bumper scratch.,
    need lecture about this situation and whos fault is it or should go in 50/50.,?

  • SuperNickid .

    I was not asking for who his at fault

  • SuperNickid .

    Depends on situation, if for the one that turn right has a no turning right on red, it would be the one turning right at fault. If the one turning right got a yield sign, or a merge lane, they must yield to the one turning left if it his heading toward a one lane, if it his a two lane, the one turning to the left most turn to the nearest left lane if it his a solid white lane to change land again to the nerest to the right lane, and even if the lane stayed pointed, if a accident happen they would be both at fault since the one turning left did unsafe lane change by not looking if the one turning right was in the lane already, and the one turning to the right would be at fault also for failing to yield. The other situation his the one turning right has a stop line, no Yield sign, and no merge and still not forbitten to turn right on red, in this case the one turning right must wait for the one turning left from the protective left turn.

  • Downton

    I have a question. I was stopped in the middle of a line of cars waiting at a stop sign. Because there was no one behind me, I chose to allow the person waiting at the parking lot exit to pull out of the space to go ahead of me in line. Thing is, my passenger blew up at me for doing that, saying I didn’t need to allow that person ahead of me. I see the scenario #5, but this driver had been waiting there for a while, and no one was moving. I thought it was illegal to block a driveway if you are stopped? Either way, it was, I thought, at the very least common courtesy to allow him to go ahead of me. So was I right, or was my passenger right?

  • confussed

    I was traveling on a two lane highway and had turned my blinker on and started slowing down to turn across the lane for oncoming traffic. The truck was behind me and i looked at my road and looked jnto oncoming traffic and as i started to turnthe truck went around me causing me to strike him in the side. Whose fault?

  • Paden Lane Winters

    here’s the scenario i was at a stop sign and this lady was speeding and i didn’t realize so i pull out to go across and she swipes me ripping the license plate off of my bumper, whose further in fault?

  • Desperate

    I was turning right into my drive way and a car came down the road she tried to go around me as I was turning and I hit the middle drivers side. Who is at fault?

  • sidd

    Hello, question: I was taking a left in an intersection and the oncoming car hit me. The other car was in a right only lane with the right signal instead the driver came straight through and hit. I had not completed the turn and was waiting for the car to proceed making the right turn. The light had turned yellow when I made a quarter turn slowly. The other car entered the intersection after the yellow light.
    Thanks, please advice.

  • flriptide

    I was entering a left hand turn lane(heading westbound) as a lady was waved out of her driveway by another driver to make a left hand turn(she was trying to go eastbound). She hit the front fender of our van. I spoke with her insurance company on April the 6th and they said they were excepting liability because she had to yield to traffic already on the road way. I just received a letter dated April 2nd stating I was at fault and I needed to provide my insurance information to them so they could be reimbursed for the claim. I am wondering why they could even consider me at fault? Is it standard to send a letter out stating fault on the other driver(me) before they have taking my statement.

  • Gullable

    I understand the ‘left-hand turn’ scenario, but am not sure that it applies in my situation. Basically, on a residential street, the road turns at a near-90 degree angle. I slowed as I always do at the turn (I turn left), and there was an oncoming vehicle (as there always is during morning rush), however he was quite a distance away and although the roads were slightly slick, I calculated I had enough time, however, the young man coming at me was a new driver, apparently going slightly too fast, and unaware of the slick streets. He schmucked into me with a good amount of force. Is it likely to be a 50/50 fault? It seems likely, but I feel like I might be getting take advantage of by the boys stern father.

  • knightrider

    If I’m at a 4 way intersection at a stop sign, and a truck comes flying in on a left turn cutting onto my side of the road and hits me. Is it his fault or mine?


    Scenario 1: clarify who is at fault when accident occurs when vehicle turns left at intersection into path of forward moving vehicle BUT that vehicle is speeding. Does right of way trump speeding???

  • dna

    okay so two cars are both making left hand turns one car from the main road way on to a side street the other car from that side street onto the main road way who has the right away

  • Durwin Bowers Jr.

    two cars are both making left hand turns one from a main road way on to a side street the other one from that side street onto the main road ight of way

  • http://twitter.com/dwlonline David W Lemley

    In Alberta, two cars are unable to stop safely at a yellow light. One of them is turning left and the other is continuing straight through. They collide in the middle of the intersection. Which driver is at fault? Does the driver continuing straight still have right of way even on a yellow light?

  • buzzards27

    My situation. I’m in a legal parking space that is at about a 45°angle to the flow of traffic, right at the edge of a single west bound lane. There is a private drive immediately to the east of my space. I check my mirrors and back up camera and see no traffic in the west bound lane I’m about to join. I start backing up at 2 to 4 mph, moving 13′ to 14′ back when I hit a car that had been traveling east bound at 15 to 20 mph. (Area is a conjested small downtown with 25mph speed limit). She had begun to make a left turn behind me and was completely across the centerline and in the west bound lane in was jo8ning. I figure that when I started backing up she was at least 100′ west of me, based on our relative speeds.

    Neither party was cited and officer could not clearly articulate who he felt was at fault.

    My contention is that I was clearly inside the intersection of the mainline road and the driveway well before she entered said intersection.

  • Sam

    My son was in the left turn lane making a turn on a green light. It was rush our traffic and busy. My son started his turn and almost completed the turn when his suv was tboned past the center of the side panel by a truck that had made a rolling right hand turn out of a minimart. The truck was going so fast by the time it struck the suv that both vehicles were spun 180 degrees. The truck had only 60 feet to accelerate to the intersection. We believe the truck did not stop, did not glance right before entering the street as well as gunned it thru the turn…never seeing the suv until it struck it. Traffic was clear when my son began the left turn and the truck illegally entered traffic. Who’s at fault? My son had a passenger witness. This is california..

  • Sam

    Driver trumps a passenger.you didnt need to but it was your call to make…i.e. yielding as a courtesy

  • Sam

    Fault= not having the right of way if there is an accident.

  • Brittany Stephan

    I was at a red light behind another driver, they turned right and pulled over out of the right lane.I pulled forward checked for oncoming traffic and proceeded to turn right as I did this vehicle accelerated and pulled back into the right lane causing my car to be swiped from behind my passenger door back. The damage to her car was on her driver side panel (behind second door but not on the rear of the vehicle) there was two lanes but I was traveling in the right who is at fault?

  • Howboutthemos

    What if four cars arrive and stop at a four way stop simultaneously…the rule is the car to your right has the right of way, but every car has a car to the right, so who goes first—assuming every car intends to progress forward and no one is turning. Thanks!

  • 6999

    what about a 1 way street going north and and another going south, the lane going the opposite direction of you stops, waves you pass, and then someone pulls out of the single lane to travel around that traffic and hits you in the intersection as you make the turn? There was only 1 lane of traffic to be weary of. And it was stopped. I wasnt aware that an intersection was considered another lane. But I got 50% fault.

  • 6999

    in this case you should hold up traffic everytime until it turns red and you are blocking traffic, because you cannot see behind the car coming from a single lane. Ridiculous there isnt an amendment for this.

  • 6999

    you miscalculated. although if he was speeding it might be 5050

  • murray

    I was in an accident where I was at a “T” intersection turning left. across from the intersection is a private driveway. The truck came out of the drive way as I was almost completing my turn and I hit him. My insurance company said it was a 50/50 fault even though he was exiting a private driveway, and raised my rates 249%. My first claim in over 40 years of driving. My rates increased the amount they paid to fix my car. So much for having collision coverage.

  • Katie Watson

    I recently had a wreck in which I was exiting a parking lot that let out into the street, south bound lanes were stopped at a red light, turning lane had a green arrow. South bound lanes both made room and waved me on so that I could enter the turn lane to merge to the north bound side of traffic. As I drove out into the turn lane, a car who had been driving for a prolonged time at an accelerated rate flew past, swerved to miss me, I hit the tail end of his car, then he hit someone in the north bound lane swerved back and finished by hitting the last car in the south bound lane. The second person who was struck has video footage that shows the tourist driving in the turn lane of at least two sets of arrows. When every thing was finished, I got out of the car and asked the person who I originally hit where he was going, to which he turned around made himself aware of his surroundings, and then name the building behind him.(because this is the beach and the next turn that he was coming to was a back road that not a lot of tourists know about that takes you straight to the beach with no traffic) the police report is in my favor, they mention that he had been driving in the turn lane for a prolonged period Of time but that I struck him. Like I said there’s video footage of the entire wreck… that shows him breaking the law. We both carry the same insurance so I’m curious what do you think will happen?

  • Eva

    One car is turning right and another car turning left after stopping at a stop sign.The road they are turning onto has a travelling lane and a curb lane with parking cars. The car turning right has the right of way so he starts turning. After he started turning, left turning car can start turning and when a right turning car is able to see that his way (curb lane) is obstructed by parking cars, stops and give the right of way to the left turning car. Am I right?

  • tae

    I want to know if this profitably reason to get pulled over. So I was driving to make a right turn at a light, but a car was in front of me so I signaled to go left to merge onto my another lane but kept straight is that legitimate reason to get pulled over?

  • Tim Hardin

    I wonder if someone can answer this: What if you are about to exit a parking lot and a vehicle unexpectedly and very quickly cuts you off by turning directly into the front of your vehicle, less than 1 foot! I had this experience and the guy’s front right tire scuffed my bumper. He did not sustain any apparent damage, and I took over 18 HD, 16 pixel photos to prove it. The scuff marks from my front bumper came off completely after I applied rubbing compound. The guy refused to show a driver’s license, registration or proof of insurance. Albuquerque PD wouldn’t come out because they said it happened in a private parking lot. From research I’ve dont, the driver doesn’t match with the info on file for him. He’s DEFINITELY NOT 56 years old. Looks more like he’s in his 30s. We’re both insured by GEICO, and I’m now retired, having been a deputy sheriff in Colorado for some time. I have reason to wonder about the impartiality of both of GEICO’s claims adjusters, Nicholas Wiley and Marcus Washington, as they SOUNDED like they MAY be African-American and may have a bias against cops, former cops, etc. The other driver is Hispanic- and so am I but you can’t tell by my name or physical appearance. The speed with which they reached their finding, even though there is NO APPARENT DAMAGE TO EITHER VEHICLE as evidenced by photos, makes me think I’m the object of some payback reverse discrimination (for being a retired deputy sheriff). I had a very similar experience in the Army on July 5, 1971, when I was stabbed by two African-American fellow soldiers while serving in Germany, because they also thought I was White. There was much racial unrest in the US Army in Germany at the time. Our local New Mexico state agency in charge of handling complaints has been frustrating. Their web site wants you to state your case in 200 words or less, and the email they provide you with for photos won’t take photos! I had to settle for an email and a narrative sent via fax. Arrrgggghhhh! Beware of GEICO. They’re screwing me out of a DECADES LONG CLEAN DRIVING RECORD.

  • anthony hayes

    wat happens when your on a main road and a mortor pull out in front of you sudden and i move out wider the road next exct to the wright he trys to take and takes me striking in to the left hand side of my car impact blow the left hand side of my car in and could of kill us if there was on coming traffce

  • Mike Peters

    If a driver is entering the flow of traffic from a center turn divider and is hit by a person pulling out from a parking place on the side of the road who is at fault in the state of arizona

  • driver

    if i was driving straight on a road and there was a road to the right of me where someone was coming out and taking a left, assuming the person turning was stopped and about a quarter way into the lane, who would have the right of way?

  • Patty

    I was making a left turn out of a parking lot onto a busy 4 lane road … I made sure traffic was clear and i procedded with my turn. A lady pulled out from a residental road across the highway after i started my turn and she proceed to cross all 4 lanes and hit me. She claimed she had right of way because she was going straight across 4 lanes. No tickets given but insurance saying it was my fault

  • Jul

    Hi just want to ask if the arrow is green for turning left and you turn left without signalling is there any violation?

  • Shawn Thomas

    Hello, I am at the only lane waiting to turn left to my neighborhood. There is no traffic light so I have to go at the Right time. There were cars going slowly so I turned left. I made it safely but One guy kept honking at me.

  • Shawn Thomas

    Do I usually have to wait till all the cars go? I thought I could turn quick enough cause the other cars were going slowly.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    Most of the time, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    You should probably ask your local police that. Im not sure

  • Frustrated

    I was headed north bound on a four lane street and was in the left lane to turn left. I stopped for an oncoming car in the southbound lane before I turned. As I was waiting for the car to pass, another car was exiting a parking lot that was to the right of me ( directly right of me almost to where if they were to go straight theyvwould drive right into me). As soon as the car passed in the lane next to me they pulled out of the parking lot as I was beginning to make my left turn to another street. I didn’t notice them until I was already starting to go and they were pretty much manuvoring around my car to cross the two right lanes, very aggressively. So right as I was turning left, they were attempting to go south in the left lanes and had to slow for me because I was taking my turn. At least I thought. They were very angry and agressivr I had my two children in the back seat and they were yelling and flipping me off. I assumed that I was in the right of way because they were pulling in to oncoming traffic

  • Michele Chavis

    This happened to me also. I just totally don’t understand how angry the man was because I had the right of way. I was in the turning lane going left. He pulled around the front of my car out into the round, as if I was aggravating him by waiting there. #weird.

  • nana4

    My daughter was turning right east bound out of a parking lot. Road were clear so she processed to get on into the turning lane that turn left at light. As she made into her lane with her front in a guy crossing highway going left east hit the side back of her car. He crossed a double yellow line. Police on scene said he was at fault. Now his insurance is telling me that they are both at fault 50/50. What do you think.

  • ivonne marquez

    What if someone is pulling out of a driveway and there is another car making a left turn onto the same road, and they both decide to proceed at the same time and end up hitting each other. Who’s fault was it?

  • Kim Pham

    I just came across a situation where I made a turn into a shopping plaza (now I’m driving straight) and a car on my right almost intersecting me, he was waiting to make a right turn (also in the same plaza) but he tried to cut me. I sped off and did not let him cut me. Since I’m driving straight I know I have the right of way doesn’t matter if it’s in a plaza or out in the main street. He later tried to tell me that he had the right of way which is insane, because anytime you make a turn you have to yield for oncoming cars driving straight. Please let me know your opinion on this. I know I was right. Thank you!

  • Jason Hicks

    I was about to make a left u turn under an over pass and waited for clear traffic so I can come out from right side..had to merge all to left last lane to be able to make u turn under bridge.. and at traffic light..truck cocksided had left blinker to turn had red light.. as I am about to start to curve my left u turn he merges in last second and hits me with his front tires to my passenger front wheel.. as I brake and slam horn too late he’s almost on top of my car.. who is at fault?

  • Katherine.Iles

    Hi Jason,

    Here is an article that may help you answer your question https://www.insurancehotline.com/at-fault-rules/. Let us know if you still have questions and we will be happy to answer to them. Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    That sounds like it might be either a 50/50 split or it could be you since the driver making the left turn is usually considered to be at fault.

  • Cassandra Bella Zarkovich

    I have a question….i was driving in a straight direction before an intersection in the furthest left lane before left turning lane….a lady pulled out of the gas station on the far right cutting over the entire 3 lane street to get into the far left turning lane…she got stuck half way into the lane an half way into mine and i had to slam on my breaks in which we collided my front to her back….she was trying to “pull a fast one” and i read the driving laws saying anyone who is driving in a straight direction already has the right of way to anyone pulling out of a driveway…my insurance is claiming a “not at fault” accident but i wanted to know your thoughts

  • Justin

    I was pulling out of a parking lot between two cars that were stopped by a red light. I wasn’t able to pull all the way out until the light turned green .When the light did change the driver on my right hit my drivers side towards the door side of my tire. Who’s at fault. She mentioned that she didn’t even see me. But then stated I was trying to beat her out of the parking lot. Everyone was stopped and I was almost halfway out in the middle of the road.

  • Sid

    Shawn: did you get an answer for your question. The same exact thing happened with me today when I was coming out of the parking lot drive way and turning left on a 4 lane road. The cars were far so I thought I could quickly make the turn, but one car approached really fastttt and kept honking at me for a minute. I could hear his honking even after I made the turn and I reached at the intersection. I am so scared of making such turns now that I decided in the future I will go around and make a protected U-turn instead.

  • georgia

    If i was reversing out my driveway and another driver was turning into their driveway from the other side of the road and our cars collided- who is at fault? Surely because I was already making my manoeuvre- the other car should have waited before pulling into the driveway

  • Tara

    I was at a stop sign to turn left onto a busy road. The oncoming traffic did not have a stop sign. Someone driving in the lane closest to put on their blinker to turn right onto the road I was on. The person behind the one turning decided to go around the car in front of them, crossing the solid yellow line. When I pulled out when the turning car was about to turn, the front left of my fender collided with the front of the other persons car. The collision occurred in the lane I was turning into. Is this my fault because they have the right of way, her fault for passing the turning car, or both?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    It sounds like the other drive would be at fault as she encroached into your lane.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    was the driver on your right going straight? if so, you may be considered to be at fault since you were trying to merge.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    It’s always best to take extra caution at a left turn because if there is a collision the majority of the time it’s the driver who was making the left who is considered to be at fault.

  • Tiare

    Question I came to a complete stop I had to poke out my bumper in order for me to see there was cars parked on the side I look both ways I creeped up as as I did the car had to be doing over speed limit to hit my bumper hard my car did a 360 hit my passanger side door to I got the ticket for not stopping there was 2 witnesse saying I didn’t but I did my son was in the car i don’t drive reckless please help me I want to fight this

  • Sdot Wilson

    Ok! If I am driving down the road and go to make a left hand turn I mean I’m turning on a side street and there is dotted lines on my side of the road can a car pass me hit me and I get charged with failure to yield?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    You may have to take it up with the claims manager at your insurance company.

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    yes if the car is coming towards you.

  • Jovie

    Hello, before turning right on a red light I looked to see if there was any oncoming traffic, it was safe to turn and as I turned I got hit by a car. I know the oncoming traffic has the right of way but it was safe for me to turn, the driver said he was speeding, going 50mph on a 35mph, because he was late for work. I believe I am not at fault and I do have a witness stating he was speeding, but what do you think might happen?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    I think you still may be considered at fault as the traffic going through usually has the right of way.

  • Confused

    Okay so, I was exiting a parking lot into congested traffic. On the other side of the parking lot is yet another parking lot in which cars were trying to exit. I was trying to make a left turn when the light turned green, but the cars in the other lot were making right turns, not leaving me time to leave the parking lot. Keep in mind that there are cars behind me attempting to make a right turn, but my inability to turn left is preventing them from going. What should I have done in this situation?

  • Blake

    I was making a left turn on my suburban street into the driveway of my home, someone that was parked on the curb just to the left of my driveway was backing up from their spot as I was pulling in and hit me as I was going up my driveway. I was about halfway up the driveway and his back left side of his bumper hit my rear driverside door. He claimed it was my fault because I was making the left hand turn and had to yield to any traffic. I understand the law of yeilding when making a left turn. I would never have made that turn at that time if he was traveling towards me and was in the flow of traffic. Is it not him that should have been yielding seeing as though he was re-entering the flow of traffic and I was already in the flow of traffic? I wanted to get some pro-tips as this incident seems peculiar.

  • jose

    So if I was in the process of turning at a u turn and yield then go and a 18 Wheeler was switching on to the lane while I was turning who’s at fault?

  • jose

    He switched lanes and hit the whole front side of my car with his side of the vehicle and got in front of me THEN switched back over to the right lane and continued down the road until he got to the light to stop

  • Gonzo

    My concern is when you let your self go and the car that is really far away decides to speed up causing you to make a speedy turn

  • concerned

    if i am turning left behind two other cars turning left(unprotected green) and a diver comes towards me straight behind hind the car in front of me and i hit him is that my fault? I could not see him until it was too late cause he was going too fast.

  • nadz hussain

    I was merging into traffick from a parked position on a road when someone at the same time pulled out of a side street we collided 20yds from the junction who is at fault? I did indicate and check my mirrors and it was safe to move off when I set off

  • Jiayu Yan

    i was trying to make a left turn. In general, that turn was clear, but the driver from the back was speeding, and she switched into my right lane, and then she turned the wheel to left crushed into us from the right side. Who was more responsible in this situation?

  • Luii S

    Hello InsuranceHotline,

    I’m an Angelino and this morning I was driving a usual route beside the convention center. No traffic. I stopped at a red light and there were two cars waiting to make a left turn opposite side of me. When the light turned green I went forward and the first car that was waiting to make a left turn did so at the same time as I did. We missed each other by about a foot and I didn’t honk or anything (what use is that) but I did notice that he looked very in control of his car. He didn’t look like he was DUI. He didn’t even speed! Again, this light is green only. No arrows. We drove at the same speed and the second driver behind him actually waited for cars to clear to make his turn. So let’s say I hit him. Would I have been at fault for not slamming the brakes on time? Or would he be at fault for turning just as I began to drive forward?

  • Shar

    As I was 1/4 on my way turning right at a stop sign a car comes and hits me from my left as I was exiting the parking lot. He was leaving too but he came too fast. Who’s fault is it ?

  • Daniel Nemirovsky

    If I’m the first car in line and the light turns green for me and I accelerate to go through the intersection, and I hit a car who is running a red light perpendicular to me, am I at fault for hitting the car, keeping in mind that the car it hit entered the intersection AFTER his light has already turned red?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the other driver was driving straight and not making a turn then you may be at fault.

  • david

    I was in a car addident I was traveling east on a main street and other driver was traveling west on same street as me but decided to make a turn on another street going south. We collided who is at fault?

  • Daniel Nemirovsky

    Please update your situation with more information such as lane division, stop signs etc

  • David

    No stop signs just traffic lights. I was travelling east on Fullerton Avenue the other driver was coming west on Fullerton but he was going to make a left turn onto s Austin Avenue. When I entered the intersection the light had just turned yellow. As I was half way into the intersection he hit me. Fullerton has 4 lanes. (1 left turn lane, 2 straight lanes, 1 right turn lane.) Austin has 2 lanes (1 straight lane, 1 right turn lane.) I was on Fullerton on straight lane closest to right lane turn. Hope this helps.

  • Brett Steckman

    two lane road w/o middle lane, two neighborhoods directly across from eachother. stop signs at both neightborhood entrances but no stop sign for the main road. one car arrives first to their exit and wants to turn left, other car comes second and wants to turn right into the same lane. have to wait for opening in traffic for either to be able to turn. who has the right of way? the guy who was waiting first or the newcomer just because they are turning right?

  • w

    Hi, I have a question. I was turning right from a two-way street onto a two-way street, where there was no stop sign and another driver was pulling out of parallel parking next to the intersection. When I turned, the car puling out is more than 50% in the lane and moving forward. My car’s right side hit the front left bumper of the other driver. Would I be at fault in this scenario, since the other driver has the right of way?

  • Avi Israel

    So I see that in#3 the scenario means if the person is merging into the lane the people in that lane have the right of way. Now, what if you make it into the lane, and the person then leaves the lane from behind you, gets into the center lane and then side swipes you to the point their vehicle is damaged, yours is not. But they made contact on trying to reenter the lane from the center. Who is at fault then?:; Additional details the right lane was under construction and merging left. With signal on, there was space to merge. Driver was upset at this and leaves the space that was behind me and then goes into the center lane and proceeds to attempt to push me over. Due to vehicles trying to also merge I could not move back over. I maintained the lane, she leaves the center lane and then hits my car trying to coke back into the lane. What to do next?

  • InsuranceHotline

    most of the time the driver who is making the left turn has to ensure that all is clear before proceeding.

  • InsuranceHotline

    yes. it is likely that you would be at fault.

  • Ray

    I was coming out of a school parking lot turning right to travel northbound. There was a car also travelling northbound who was making a right into the parking lot; as the vehicle was turning in, i was turning out and the car behind the vehicle turning in attempted to pass the turning car, before they completed their turn and then she hit my car as I was coming out. Who’s fault is this?

  • Jo

    Hi I was turning right into my school and I do not have a yield sign and as I was about to turn in, the person in the left turn lane went on right in front of me. Who is at fault?

  • barry white

    my man was backing into our driveway a woman passes him on his right side(where the curve is)
    help…common sense tells me she is wrong..no one passes on the right always left in canada

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is likely that you will be considered to be at fault since it was your responsibility to make sure that the way is clear.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Usually the driver who is making the left hand turn is considered to be at fault.

  • corey kasten

    i was stopped parallel inches from the right curb on a residential street next to red-painted curb (i.e. directly in front of the first legally parallel parked car, with nothing but red curb between my car and the upcoming intersection), waiting for a cross guard to clear the upcoming intersection. The street is wide enough for a line of cars parallel parked on each side of the street and enough room in the middle for two cars going opposite directions to pass each other (without having an actual dotted line in the middle). As soon as the cross guard cleared the intersection I started moving up to approach the intersection. At the same time someone came up the middle of the road going the same direction as me and turned right in front of me in order to get close to the right curb about 10 feet in front of the interesection in his preparation for taking a right turn. His right front tire crushed into the bumper on the front left of my car taking out the front left bumper. It was essentially him trying to pass me and take my lane while approaching from behind me on my left and turning in front of me, except that these weren’t real lanes: rather it was me all the way to the right (where people would be parked were it not for being close enough to the intersection for the curb to be marked red. He wasn’t even close to clearing my car since it was the front right cornerthat hit my front left corner, rather than his middle right side hitting my left front corner.

    Who’s at fault?

  • lian

    I was coming out of a shopping center. It was a two lane street with a middle turning lane. The light was red traffic was at a stop. The cars left a gap so that cars can come out of the shopping center. As i was coming out making my left turn a car was speeding down the middle lane and hit me. Who is at fault? I know usually it the person making the left turn but the other person was speeding down the middle lane by passing traffic.

    The picture here kinda illustrates the accident. Where the red car is there was traffic all the way down the street. The orange car was the one speeding down the middle lane by passing traffic whole there was a red light.

  • Nick Soldano

    I was at a four way intersection, I was turning left from a stop sign, opposite side of intersection there were two cars at stop sign. First car opposite me turns right, I then pull out to turn left, second car opposite me pulled out without stopping at sign. I hit rear bumper on side, who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    most of the time, the driver making the left turn is considered to be at fault. It might help your cause if you have the contact information of any witness who can help plead your case for you.

  • Kaylyn Madkins

    I have a question. I merged into a right turn lane because a van in the lane behind me wouldn’t go on the green light. So when I got halfway into the lane, the van realized the light had been green for a while and everyone in front of him was gone, so he steps on the gas and t-bones me. He admitted to the fact that he was reading paperwork for his job and not paying attention and then tells me to lie to the insurance company and say I got hit in a parking lot smh… Then hours later he texts me and says that it doesn’t matter if he wasn’t paying attention and claims I went over a solid white line to change lanes. Who’s fault is it?

  • Camb0

    I was making a legal right turn at a red light. Lady we collided with was on the far left in the center lane going straight. While I made my turn I guess switched lanes at the light attempting to get on the far right lane and didn’t see me. Then I heard a big thump and I got pushed to the sidewalk. She didn’t want to move out of the way of oncoming traffic and tried to stay in the same lane. My passenger got out of the car and waved to her to come on over. We called the cops and tried to exchange info. but she didn’t speak any English. The cop who arrived 15 min later automatically assumed it was my fault so he just told me to get a piece of paper and write report number down as he wrote his name and his number. Then told me to leave the scene. I figured I will get a sheet of paper that would be more legit than just exchanging a written piece of paper with my hand in it.. Who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline


    You should get the report from the police to see who they have listed as at fault. You should also contact any witnessess that may have been there.

  • Voanr

    bit of a dumb question, I was in a accident driving down a 3-lane road in the left lane & this guy crosses 3 lanes of traffic from a side parking lot to get into a fourth turn lane that had just opened up. He can’t make it safely into his turn lane & I hit his rear left bumper. I couldn’t get out of the lane because of traffic in the lane beside me. I’m 99.99% sure he is 100% at fault, as he didn’t leave enough time to complete the manoeuvre safely before oncoming traffic got to him. Am I correct?

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like he may be at fault as he made an unsafe lane change.

  • Rachel Bazinet

    So I was at traffic light I had solid green turning left staying in my lane the guy was turning right a d t boned me into a sign. Am I at fault I didn’t have a green arrow but he was turning had his signal light on so it was safe.

  • Rachel Bazinet

    Anyone know who is at fault

  • InsuranceHotline

    The majority of the time, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault for the collision,

  • Rachel Bazinet

    So even if I was pretty much done my turn? He came into my lane and I have bad damage so he was also speeding.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The fault determination rules are pretty specific about left turns.
    If you have witnesses that can corroborate your story that might help.

  • Rachel Bazinet

    So I found this and this is what I’m hoping happens as my way was clear to go he jumped lanes and didn’t slow dow for his right hand turn

  • disqus_edZXR6NV1W

    If I am going straight on a one lane road and a signal to make a left turn is the person behind me allowed to cut me (on my left side interfering with my turn) while I am turning to pass me?

  • isabella

    I was in an accident in a parking lot. I was backing out and was in the driving lane still reversing just about to put it in drive so I glanced forward and all I a sudden I hit a car reversing out of a spot. Much like a tbone hit. My back bumper hit her back door. Who is at fault?

  • Jose Villada

    Hello I have question I was involved in and accident were I was driving in a Main Street and this guy came out this local pubs driveways I tryed to avoid him and I did the only damage to his car was a rubber front bumper shock accessori but I did hit and damage my passenger side fender and scrape my bumper on the side he said in at fault I don’t know how while we exchange info there was a woman walking her dog he then ask her hey right he was going to fast she said I think so and they exchange numbers. Ok I said call the cops they take care of this them he started taken pictures of his car and there are no damages and tells me lets not call police just fix my rubber shock thing but my question is I believe his at fault and he should fix my car cause I’m the one with right of the way and my car has real damages thank for your comments

  • LR

    I was pulling out of a driveway but had completed my manoeuvre in to the lane I needed to be in to get to work, when a motorcyclist hit the front of my car. He was travelling at speed, over taking on the outside of stationary rush hour traffic, before he collided with me.

    He had traveled over a busy junction, passed the lights and over a large yellow box in the road; other vehicles were unable to drive in to this yellow box as the road was densely populated and had it had to remain clear (obviously). It was a miserable, wet day, I had my lights on and was extremely cautious. I remember everything about the event, which includes what I saw at every stage of my manoeuvre.

    Firstly there was a bus lane, but the bus (to my right) had stopped to pick up pedestrians from the stop, this gave me time to manoeuvre through that lane and stop. Next I looked both ways in to stationary traffic, there was a space and I manoeuvred in front of the car that had allowed me to move. Again, having passed the front of this car, I stopped , looked both ways, saw another bus on the other side of the road (to the left of me) picking people up, I then looked to the right again and the road was clear. As I was satisfied it was safe, I completed my manoeuvre. When I was in the desired lane, the motorcyclist hit the front of my car writing off both vehicles.

    The motorcyclist is claiming that I am 100% at fault for ‘speeding to excess in all circumstances’. I personally fail to see how this is an accurate description of events, although would appreciate advice on the matter.

    I do not want to be blamed JUST because of MY manoeuvre out of a driveway which is an everyday necessity for most people everyday of the week. I persist that I moved safely as I had looked both ways at every stage. I feel the motorcyclist was in fact excessive and careless in both his speed and manoeuvre, e.g. in order to hit my car to the front he must have been outside of the lane that he was supposed to be in, and consequently wrote off my car as well as his bike; he was after all over taking and their was little room for him to safely do so at such speed.

    Who is more to blame in this scenario?

  • SuperNickid .

    You acctually did not answer my question I acctually found out on my own, if it his a solid green light, and your turning right, and the upcoming car is turning there left, the one turning right as the right of way. The exception if the right turn lane leads to a merge, or yield sign, or the upcoming traffic that turn their left as the flashing left turn traffic light signal.

  • Funny

    I was driving in main rd and in the right lane and the other driver at a T intersection with light signals made a left turn and she hit me on the left front bumper. I believe I had a green light but it changed to red. Who is at fault?

  • Franz Weidinger

    I was taking a left in a left turn only lane. The car on the side of me in the staight lane made a last minute left turn hitting my door. She said I was passing her who would be at fault?

  • Ivan

    We are in a private neighborhood and the neighbor is in front of me but on the oncoming traffic lane and decided to turn right without putting his blinker indicating he was going to turn onto his driveway while i was on the right lane going straight. He cut me off and i immediately hit the brakes on my motorcycle and i fall and slide and hit the side of his car. Mind you there are no signs or lines on the pavement. Who’s at fault?

  • Nathan Cain

    If this is still checked, I would like an answer to this question.

  • Chris

    If a driver goes through a green light and don’t wait for the green arrow hits a pedestrian wile in the crosswalk and going when their supposed to walk ? Is the driver to blame

  • Bre

    I have a question, if I am indicating with my left blinker to turn left at an uncontrolled intersection and there is a car coming from the opposite direction slowing down for me to turn, if I make the turn and he were to come into contact with me, who is at fault ?

  • SteveO

    If I am more than 3/4 of the way through a left turn across two oncoming lanes of travel, one of which has stopped and waved me trough… who has the right of way?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Usually the person making the left turn in considered to be at fault.

  • Blue Flame

    I have a question that hopefully you can answer. If there is a left turner with a green arrow making a left turn (there is only one lane of this road that is a left turn lane) does this driver have to stay in the leftmost lane when turning onto a 2 or more lane road? The reason I ask is I’ve always thought that if you are making a right turn and left turners have an arrow that you have to yield to them and that it would be your fault if you made a right turn and they hit you even if they crossed lanes making the left turn. Today I was waiting at a traffic light where 3 left turners were turning on a green arrow and as I waited the driver behind me started blasting his horn at me. I always thought that you cannot make a right turn even if the road is two lanes and there is only one lane of left turners making a left turn. From what I observe, I’m not the only person who remains stopped and doesn’t proceed to make the right turn until the left turners proceed. Did I have the right of way and could make a right turn as this driver behind me felt?

  • Ro

    Question: I went to change lane to turn left a little before turn left lane because cars are stopped on red light. This car came out from parking lot because other driver wave him to go and hit me. Am I at fault or he?

  • daniel mcpimpsey

    Hi, if someone was going straight through an intersection, and a car was coming from the right on the continuing Rd, that was indicating to turn left into the street of which theyre on. So the car proceeds to cross the intersection, but the other car changes his mind to turn last second. And they collide who’s in the wrong here. Cheers

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is likely that the other driver is at fault since he/she was merging into traffic.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Usually when a driver strikes a pedestrian especially if the pedestrian is in a crosswalk with a green light it’s usually the driver who is found to be at fault.

  • RaP

    I was backing out of a parking spot a driver was making a left turn behind me and our bumpers collided. who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like it will be a 50/50 split since you were reversing and the other driver was making a left hand turn.

  • J

    Who would be at fault… I was in a line going straight ( didn’t realize it was a turn right only lane.) The light turned green I proceeded to enter the intersection.. A trunk enters the intersection turning left on what would be a red for him… I couldn’t brake in time and we collided…

  • Brie-anna Goorts

    If I’m on a main street and just came straight through a 4 way intersection, and a vehicle that’s parked in a stall starts to back out and almost hit me as I’m driving pass, who’s at fault if an accident were to happen? The vehicle didn’t start pulling out and obstructing the main street until after I was already partially behind them.

  • JHi


  • Rebecca Radfellow

    Hello there Everyone. I have a rather weird situation I need advice for. I was at a stop sign merging into traffic (up a hill) and had plenty of room to turn left. I was just getting my bumper in the road a green motorcycle swerves around the car in front of it breaking through a solid yellow line. I quickly reversed not even that far to avoid a collision. Woudn’t you know there’s a hudge truck directly on my rear. He drove up before I had even went through the stop sign. When I asked if he seen what happened he replied yes you backed up into me.. Was absolutely no one behind him and he didn’t bother honking. There is literally not even an inch worth of damage on his lease truck that I wanted to pay for for myself and he’s made a deal with his autobody shop I’ve completely replacing the bumper and re-chroming it costing me over $2000 not to mention probably a rental car! Something that’s off his after the crash he immediately reversed and then reversed again. I was still stuck at the stop sign I knew not to move my car at all. He nor I knew to call the police because the damage was so small it was laughable. There was also a man that seemed to be getting out of his side door as I walked back to them asking both in a loud voice “did you see what happened?” The guy acted weird turned and walked in the opposite direction….. Weird fact number 3 he told me he’s been in recently for other accidents were it was all their fault! I’m starting to think that he’s scamming off of people’s insurance

  • RR

    Please forgive my sloppy typing! Lol, I’m at work trying to use my Digital Voice recorder.

  • InsuranceHotline


    If you were in the incorrect lane it could be that you are at fault but if the other was proven go be going through a red light then it might be his fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is usually the driver who is reversing that is considered to be at fault.

  • Blackjack915

    Hello everyone I was with one of my friends yesterday and as we were driving my friend was taking an unprotected left turn on the yellow and we saw a women a good 500 or so feet away and as we turn she had tboned us. According to an eye witness she was going at least 20 over the speed limit. Only issue is that my friend hit a man in the cross walk how will this turn out. Any help would be appreciated.

  • алексеи

    In situations without traffic signals, stop and yield signs the car changing lanes, merging, turning right or left is always at 100% fault before the car traveling straight in it’s own lane. If there is stop or yield sign, the driver failing to yield is at fault.

  • Lidia Martinez

    Hi i was exiting the apartment complex and a car was across the street at a stop sign and i turned left she turned after i did was that my mistake

  • David Robles

    A quick question, I was driving on a main street on the second lane and a truck pulls out of a parking lot but then stops blockin both lanes and I braked but my car skid so I swerved to the right to avoid collision but i hit an electrical box passing the street curb who’s fault was it.

  • David Robles

    So I was on the right lane on a main street and a truck pulled out to turn left but stops before entering the yellow lane, blocking both lanes so i stepped on the brakes but i wasnt able to stop so I swerved right to avoid collision but I end up passing the curb hitting an electrical box. I’m getting charged for failure to control speed to avoid collision. Was it my fault or his?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since you went up on the curb, it is likely 100% your fault.

  • Joggy

    What if i slammed into the rear wheel of a box truck coming out of a warehouse i was traveli
    ng west bound on a through street and he was turning left onto the street and decided to pull out at the last minute and i didt have enough time to come to a complete stop

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the other driver was charged with improper lane change then it may mean that you are not at fault.

  • Frustrated

    Can I ask… if two cars are turning onto a busy road (that has a center lane for cars making left hand turns) and the cars are on opposite sides of the road from one another, both cars coming from parking lots. When an opening finally comes available to turn, which car has the right of way?

  • Jim Belino

    My wife was driving in the left lane of a two lane road. As she approached slower moving traffic ahead of her, a car in the right ‘inside’ lane stopped to let a car out of a parking lot. The car, instead of turning ‘right’ onto the road, cut across lanes and in front of my wife who promptly ran into him. Besides the ‘lane cutter’ being at fault, shouldn’t the driver who allowed him to pull out also be charged? I was taught that people in driveways/parking lots have to Yield to oncoming traffic, so anyone who stops on a road to allow a car pull out of a driveway should also be faulted for allowing that to happen. Right?

  • David

    At a Pedestrian-controlled junction, I was turning left first, a speeding car from right swerved and struck me before I even crossed into the opposite lane, who was at fault

  • InsuranceHotline

    The majority of the time the driver who is making the left hand turn is considered to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It’s possible that it will be 50/50 but since you were reversing they may find you to be 100% at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It’s possible that there will be a 50/50 liability split.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is possible that the vehicle making the U turn is going to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since you hit the parked vehicle, regardless of the reason it is likely that you will be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It’s likely that the driver who is reversing is at fault. at best it might be 50/50.

  • InsuranceHotline

    most of the time, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • Shante Jacobs

    If traffic is stopped at a red light and you drive out of the driveway onto traffic and hearing the red light and when the light turns green the vehicle behind you he’s into your car who would be at fault

  • Chatelle Bell

    Hello I have a question I was in a car accident I got T-bone going southbound and other car had travel westbound on another lane. I had a yellow light going southbound and he was coming on my left right side in westbound driving 80 mph driving on the wrong lane. But he said he had 40 mph going through saying he had green light.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The pedestrian has the right of way in the majority of cases.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The driver making the left turn is usually the one who would get the ticket. Not the driver going through the green light.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like the insurance company may consider you to be at fault since you were exiting a parking spot.

  • InsuranceHotline

    My best guess is that both of you would be considered 50% at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • Kilo Mike-Foxtrot Alpha

    what if someone leaves a gas station turning left having to cross two lanes of traffic to get to their intended lane with a blocked view of the traffic coming in a turn lane that goes left at the light? I was just involved in an accident where the driver t-boned me in a turn lane because he couldn’t see me due to a semi-truck blocking both our views.

  • InsuranceHotline

    It is likely that the driver leaving the gas station will be considered to be at fault as he did not make sure that the road was clear of traffic prior to proceeding.

  • Frustrated

    Residential area, at 7:40 in the morning, I was reversing out of our yard with my baby in the car, the drive way, and we have a didge in front so we drive slow and stop to check go into the road. a woman speeding came around the corner not seeing us and only brake on impact. When she smashed into us! What to do here as she wants to claim from my insurance now. When she didn’t even brake ,brake on impact

  • Vašek Čekan

    How did he hit you if you were going straight and he was turning right? Did he cross over into your lane of oncoming traffic?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If there was one lane exiting the gas station and you pulled around to the right of the driver ahead of you, it’s possible that you would be found to be at fault for the loss since the expectation might be that you were supposed to wait for the driver ahead of your to make the right turn. If you dispute that, check with the owner of the gas station to see if there is video available that could prove you were not at fault.

  • uncut lady bits

    im having issues in the school drop off lane. everyone is trying to turn in the school at the same time to pick up kids. those who are turning in from the left that are sitting out in the road are not yielding and are impatiently pushing their way in front of those turning in from the right. is this illegal? someone who does not yield and drives in front of someone proceeding to turn right may get hit…people in my community are saying the person turning right is at fault if they dont wave the person turning left in? which is true?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Typically anyone making a left hand turn and is involved in a collision is considered to be at fault.

  • Confused

    Today I was driving an had to turn around instead of making a u turn I pulled up in Front of a drive way on my right to reverse in but pulled ahead and waiting for the two cars behind me to pass once they had passed I started to reverse into this parking lots driveway and a driver came and made a left hand turn into the drive way and snuck around me as I was looking out my back window the rear end of my truck made contact with her car and I came to a stop once I realized what had happened she then pulled forward and dragged the rest of her car along my truck rather then waiting for me to pull forward to break contact would I be considered at fault for this?

  • InsuranceHotline

    You might be considered at fault since you were the driver who was reversing.

  • Darryn Frost

    He said he had the green left arrow. So he has the right of way. Simple.

  • Darryn Frost

    It is legally required for drivers making turns to turn into the closest lane.

  • Darryn Frost

    The right turn has the right of way, but if there are lots of cars waiting both directions, it is probably rude to not take turns.

  • Darryn Frost

    The driver exiting the parking lot will probably be at fault. Most laws state anyone leaving a parking lot has to yield to all moving traffic.

  • Sean McCloy

    Right on red is only when the way is safe.

  • Mark

    I recently had a neighbor say that I caused him to swerve into a bush that caused damage to his car while I was backing out of my driveway. I never saw , heard or swapped paint with him and did I say never saw any of this and was backing up at maybe 2-3 mph. Do I have any responsibility?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since your vehicles did not collide there is no claim.

  • Christina peck

    On pulling out of parking lot onto roadway, turning right,failing to yield and hitting vehicle who was reversing,who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Sounds like it might be 50/50 since one vehicle failed to yield and the other vehicle was reversing.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver who is making a left turn is considered to be 100% at fault for the collision.

  • Bob

    Here’s a scenario making a left hand turn on a yellow and a transport truck going through a red hits your rear corner pannel/ bumper who’s at fault

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver making the left turn is considered to be at fault. Proving that the truck was going through a red light could be difficult to prove.

  • Jessi

    If I were driving down the main street and a car was exiting a parking lot, and hit me in my rear passenger panel by he tire, is there anyway I would be found at fault for this?

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like the other driver would be 100% at fault as they were merging into traffic and you were on a thoroughfare.

  • Jessi

    Thank you, I have been nervous about this as the other driver insisted he did not see me and doesn’t think he is at fault. Are car insurances obligated to replace child car seats?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time, the insurance company isn’t obligated to pay for items that are not permanently attached to the vehicle. Not all insurance companies have the same rules. Some insurance companies however, might replace the car seat.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The driver who is making a left turn is usually considered to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    the driver on the road does have the right of way. The driver who is entering traffic (making a right turn) is likely at fault.

  • Loretta Keesee

    Hello. I have a question, if you are exiting a private parking lot and you are in a turn lane at a red light to turn right and somebody backs up from the light and hit you are you still considered on private property since you have already exited the parking lot

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like it would not be private property.

  • Alicia Fugate

    I was headed north on N Plankinton ave towards W Michigan
    st. (downtown Milwaukee WI). I needed to turn right onto Michigan so I pulled
    into the turning lane and approached the corner. There was a black SUV next to
    me when I pulled up to the corner, this vehicle did not have a turn signal on.
    Since the other vehicle was not going to turn right I pulled up next to her on
    her right side. At this point we were both in the right turning lane. As I was
    waiting for traffic to clear and getting ready to turn the black SUV started to
    turn and hit the corner of my front bumper.


  • InsuranceHotline

    If oncoming traffic has a green light, they have right of way in an intersection.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver making the left turn would be considered to be at fault.

  • DaLades

    thank you!!

  • Sina

    I was in my left lane at the stop light one car was in front of me . The car was making a left turn . On coming traffic was real heavy she was going to have to wait a long time to get clear to make that lefty turn . I put my signal on look in my mirror and over my shoulder the right lane was totally clear no cars there to be seen coming . I start to merge over in right lane to go around car in front of me . I was moving cautiously and slowly to merge because no card was in that right lane . Out of the blue a car speeding fast hit my front right side and side swipe me all the way down with there care . Who is at fault . When I when to get over no cars at all we’re in the right lane not even in front .

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since you were making a lane change it is likely that you will be found to be at fault even if you didn’t see the other vehicle.

  • Angela

    I have a question I was yielding to oncoming traffic to take a left , the Iight turned yellow all cars to the opposite in the turning right lane stopped and didn’t see anyone to go straight thru so we proceeded to turn left (the light was turning red and it was snowing and a hail storm ) we went slow due to weather and coming straight all the sudden up the little hill was this huge Ford F-150 truck (I drive Chevy Cruz) and looked like he floored it trying to make it thru the light but maybe couldn’t see us due to hill and tboned me! Whose at fault?? He was speeding thru and it was snowing .

  • Otilio Millan

    If im waiting to turn into a main street. Im looking left to oncoming traffic. As i turn my head towards the right a guy on a bicycle runs into my car. He gets up and curses at me while picking up something he dropped. I asked him if he was okay but he continued to curse at me as he rode off. Weeks later, i was told a detective went looking for me. So i call the detective and he starts talking about me being in a hit n run. So now i have to go to court and im nervous because i know he just wants money. I dont want to go to jail or pay for something i didnt do. What do you guys think is gonna happen?

  • InsuranceHotline

    In most cases, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • Robert King

    I just had an accident and I was driving straight on a road and some guy with a plow comes out of a driveway and I hit him now he’s saying it’s my fault that I hit him, not true it’s his fault for not stopping.

  • Hailianne Griffith

    I have a question, yesterday I was in a confusing situation and want an answer for future reference. I was at a stop sign, making a right out of the parking lot. There was no on coming traffic so I made my right but at the same time a lady who was in a left turning lane (not at a light, just a left turning lane) made her u-turn at the same time. Luckily, nothing happened but I’m wondering should I have yielded or should she? I obviously have to yield because I’m at a stop sign, but she did as well making a left (or in this case U) turn.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver making a U turn into traffic would be considered to be at fault

  • Rick C

    I understand that a person making a left turn will usually be at fault, unless they have a green arrow. My question, if the green arrow turns to a green light, and the driver already has already turned, where does the fault lie?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since it could be difficult to prove that the arrow was green when the person started to make the left turn they may still be found to be at fault.

  • Cody

    I was turning on a green light and I yielded and saw no oncoming traffic, but as I was turning a driver changed lanes from behind a car that was waiting to make a left turn. By then I was already in the middle of the intersection and she struck the side of my vehicle. Am I at fault or not?

  • Kimberlee Kae Curtiss

    Something happened to me today that I’m a little wary about. I was in the middle lane coming up to seed light. A cat in the far left lane who was already stopped decided to merge into the middle lane in front of me. Since I was coming I honked at her to get her to stop from merging because if not I would have hit her. She of course flips me off but and cussed at me because how dare I be I her way. I didn’t hit her and there was no accident. She gets in the middle lane right behind me and I see in my review mirror that she’s talking pictures of me and proceeds to on the phone with someone. She tails me until I lose her at a red light. Does she have any legal action against me because I didn’t let her pull out in front of possibly causing an accident?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Typically, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Typically the driver who is making a left turn into traffic is considered to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the other driver entered your lane then hit you it’s likely that they would be considered at fault.

  • Lobur12n12

    You are supposed to turn into the leftmost lane in your travel direction which should leave the rightmost lane open for oncoming right turners.

    Its not a question of right of way if you drive in your assigned lane

  • disqus_aw4XhYWCj9

    In parking lot with arrow indicators..car passed ,starting backing out( car 3/4 of the way out) same car that passed decided to back up 15ft+ to get spot she missed in doing so it my car..how is she not at fault

  • InsuranceHotline

    It sounds like it would be accurate. Regardless of Car 1 indicating right, Car 2 did hit car 1 so they would likely be considered to be at fault.

  • alan

    vehicle leaving parking lot making left hand turn, another vehicle arriving at a stop sign making a right hand turn at the same time on the main road. the stop sign and the exit for the parking lot are on the same side of the road and very close. Who has the right of way?

  • InsuranceHotline

    The vehicle making the left turn typically is found to be at fault in a collision.

  • Sascha Heist

    Exactly I make a left onto my closest lane it leaves the right lane open for people turning right. Only issue is when those right turners turn into my lane not theirs. This would right turners fault correct. No turn lights in intersection.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Yes. But you could have a difficult time proving that the right turning driver wasn’t already in the lane that you turned into.

  • Sascha Heist

    Thankfully I have dashcams since people can’t maintain lanes here on the best of days. Everyone needs one.

  • Tati Ana

    Just because you have the right away does this automatically make me at fault ? I was sitting a a stop sign didn’t see any cars half way through the stop sign as I’m crossing someone comes flying from the right away and t-boned my truck !

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the other driver did not have a stop sign then you would be at fault.

  • David Saint

    i was stopped at a light going straight, and the other driver had a green then yellow arrow, then an all green for all traffic. In this case would i have the right of way, since i had a green light and the driver said they were just starting their turn when it went from yellow to all green?

  • Stacey McIntosh Elson

    I am trying to determine who is at fault in a recent situation I encountered. I was backing up from side street parking, driving southbound backward, I checked behind me as I was backing up and there were no vehicles, a car driving southbound in the other lane pulled in and turned left right behind me as I was backing up. They crossed into my lane of traffic, actually got into my lane I was backing into. Their vehicle was actually in the lane that goes northbound, and they were going southbound. In other words they used the lane like a turning lane and their nose was facing the wrong way for line of traffic. While I was backing up and they pulled in, they started pulling into a parking space 3 space from where I was originally parked. My question is, since they pulled into the opposite lane, my lane off traffic, are they at fault, am I at fault since I was backing up, or are we both at fault.,

  • InsuranceHotline

    it’s possible that both of you will be held 50% responsible.

  • Alex

    I was making a left turn in an intersection on a light changing from yellow to red. I saw a car he had a blinker indicating right turn on oncoming traffic. However at the last minute the car decided to continue straight with the blinkers still on indicating a right turn and the traffic light was red. Who was going to be at fault ?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault.

  • InsuranceHotline

    since you were making the left turn it is likely that even though the other cars let you in that you will be considered to be at fault.

  • Matthew Norton

    When is a left hand turn considered completed, and the vehicle is in the flow of traffic?

    Situation, Vehicle 1 makes a left hand turn into a 4 way road (2 lanes each direction of travel), turning into the left lane when the road was clear and safe to proceed. (There is a dirt lot to the right of the driver and then house #1, house #2 followed by a dirt lot.

    Vehicle 2 comes out of no where, in right lane and strikes vehicle 1. Who is at fault?

    Vehicle 1 was past dirt lot and on property line of house #1, completed his turn and already heading straight.

    Vehicle 2 damage shows signs of sideswiping vehicle 1, and was admitted to speeding.

  • LibertarianAmerica

    Never assume just because someone has their blinker on they are going to turn. They may be signaling for a right turn past the intersection you are at. It is also a common insurance scam to signal a turn and then proceed straight. Also never pay attention to people waving you on when they have the right of way. I’ll sit there until the cows come home no matter how frantic they are waving their hands. That is another common insurance scam.

  • LibertarianAmerica

    Here, the main signal will remain red. The turn arrow will cycle from green, then to yellow, and then will extinguish. After the arrow is off, the light remains red for about two seconds. Then everyone gets the green. This prevents the situation you are describing as it would be impossible to have just started your turn on a yellow arrow. Go watch the light at the intersection you are at. I imagine it is the same way and the other driver turned on a red light or tried turning once the light went green. In either case you would have had the right of way.

  • LibertarianAmerica

    The bicycle has to obey the same traffic laws as cars. If you were turning right, and he hit you from the right, then he was riding on the wrong side of the road.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The left turn would be considered to be complete once the vehicle has cleared all lanes and is driving straight on the road the vehicle was turning into.

  • Matthew Norton

    Thank you!! Now if only my insurance would agree and accept the incident report. They continue to throw it out saying it’s not a police report… funny. The other insurance also doing the same. I’ve been after an attorney for the last 7 months over this, but they are all crooks. Dont want to represent me because no serious serious injuries, and I had the left turn.

    Anyways, I thank you again for your reply.

  • Jay

    This morning I was involved in an accident. Intersection is
    set up as, east and west traffic have stop signs and cross traffic north and south is uncontrolled. I was driving east and came to the stop sign and had my directional to turn left, there was no vehicle at the opposite stop sign in front of me. There was traffic going north for a minimum of 20 seconds. A car arrived at the opposite stop sign upon the passing of the last vehicle going north; as cross traffic cleared I proceeded to turn left believing I have the right away seeing I was at the stop sign first waiting for traffic to clear. As I was finishing my turn the car opposite of me decided to turn right and hit the passenger door of my vehicle. Who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Typically the driver that is making the left turn is considered to be at fault in a collision.

  • Kon’nichiwa Cara

    I was hit after making a left turn at an advance light. The other driver decided to make a right at a red light even though there was a sign that said “no right at red” and then he tried to over take my car and merge into the left lane (the lane i was in).
    I think the other driver will get the blame for it though because he push his car into another car that was stopped at a red light. Which means I was in the correct lane and he tried to get in it. The tricky park is that the intersection that this happened at doesn’t line up evenly. So who knows what my insurance company comes up with.

  • Jay Bourbonnais

    When you are in a parking lot, you have to yeld. But what happen when the parking lot exit is at a 3 way stop? Does it become a stop or a yeld? Because the yeld would have the right of way over everybody and you wouldnt have to actually stop even if the other people at the stops got there first? I personaly always stop anyways, but the law is not very clear, for me, on that.

  • InsuranceHotline

    At a stop sign either 2, 3 or 4 way, the first driver to arrive at the intersection or the driver on the right has the right of way.

  • bannedforaday

    If car 1 left the road, don’t they need to yield to reenter?

  • InsuranceHotline

    Yes. Whenever a vehicle leaves the road they must yield to traffic

  • Kathleen A. Eastwood

    I was in a parking spot on a busy street. I backed up to give myself room from the car in front of me. I put my left turn signal on indicating I was leaving the parking lot and saw that I was clear. As soon as I started to pull out, I was hit by a commercial truck. Most of my car, except for my left drivers side part which was exiting was still in the parking place. I had extensive damage to my left fender and bumper. He had a scratch. i did not see him. I realize that the moving vehicle has the right of way, but there’s a 30 mile speed limit and several places he could have come from.

  • InsuranceHotline

    The majority of the time, the driver who is making the left turn is considered to be at fault for a collision

  • josh

    I have a question and need help, If I want to exit a parking lot and turn left onto a street and there is also a parking lot across the street and the person wants to turn into the same lane and go the same way , who has right of way?

  • InsuranceHotline

    typically the driver making the right hand turn would have the right of way.

  • Josh Fowler

    ok ty

  • Wes

    Hello, what if a semi truck was illegally crossing 2 other semi trucks going over the double yellow line and blocking off the opposite side of traffic (my 2 lanes), then due to snow, he is claiming to be stuck, and I run into them when driving down my right of way. Who is at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the truck was stopped and you were moving, it is likely that you will be considered to be at fault

  • InsuranceHotline

    If you were already in the left lane and the other driver came into your lane, then you would likely be not at fault.

  • JoseA

    I was backing up from my driveway and bumped into a unoccupied car parked on the opposite side of a residential road. I promptly informed the owner about the mishap and we both agreed as the damage looked minor that we not use our insurance and I waited for the repair quote from the car owner. The owner though took 60 days before giving me a quote which to my surprise was a substantial amount of money. Because of this I decided to just go thru my insurance but will there be a penalty for me for not informing them immediately?

  • InsuranceHotline

    It’s unlikely that the insurance company will give you a hard time once you explain that you were waiting to hear back from the owner of the vehicle.

  • InsuranceHotline

    you should check the bi-law in the town/city you live in. Some cities allow a right turn on a red light and some do you.

  • Peter

    I am curious about a case that happened a couple days ago, involving a friend of mine. Two cars are at the end of two private driveways, and entering a main road. Both of these driveways don’t have traffic signs posted so, they are implicit stops. My friend was making a left, and after confirming that car on the opposite side didn’t have turn signal on, and that the other car was stalled. My friend proceeded to make that left turn. The other car then start to make the left too, and hits my friend on the driver side, the collision happens right in the buffer (middle turn lane). My friend is confident that he entered the road first. How would this case be seen, who would be at fault, since both are making left from private driveway to main road. How would insurance handle this situation.

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since both drivers were making a left turn it’s likely that both drivers will be found to be 50% at fault.

  • Tim

    When entering a right turn lane to turn right at the controlled intersection. Halfway between the start of the turn lane and the intersection is a driveway. Should you signal right before or after the driveway. Before (because maybe it’s the law?). After (because you don’t want to give false info that your turning into the driveway when your not?). Or? Signal into the turning lane. Cancel immediately. Then signal right again after the driveway?

  • Isiaha Carter

    Do I have the right away if I’m turning from a side street and the vehicle travelling on the flow street is turning unto my side street but the vehicle behind his car strikes my vehicle when the first car and I turned simultaneously

  • InsuranceHotline

    Since you were making a turn crossing the path of a vehicle going straight then it’s likely that you will be found to be at fault.

  • allan

    im driving through parked cars both side of the road i have to cross other side of road to get through, a vehicle turns left off maine road into road im travelling on, they have about 30yds of clear space before encountering parked car their side.instead of waiting for me to come through as im already committed ,they try to come through aswell causing the enefitable crunch. whoose at fauult

  • InsuranceHotline

    Most of the time the driver who is going straight on the main road would be considered not at fault. It sounds like the insurance companies might find you to be at fault.