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10 Vacation Activities That Will Void Your Travel Insurance

July 14, 2014

You’ve mapped out a list of activities you plan on doing on your upcoming vacation, but before you take the leap you might want to review your travel insurance policy. Not all travel insurance policies are created equal. Although some may look similar in terms of cost, each policy has different wording and specifications unique to that individual plan. When comparing costs it’s also important to compare policy exclusions to make sure you’re covered throughout the duration of your trip. Many activities that seem like vacation staples may actually void your travel insurance and leave you footing the bill.

Below we’ve rounded up a list of activities that will typically void a standard travel insurance policy.


Skydiving is considered an extreme sport and is thus not typically covered under a general travel insurance policy. If you’re travelling and you plan to partake in skydiving or any other extreme activity, make sure you speak with your insurance provider to ensure you’re receiving adequate coverage. You want to make sure the policy is specific. If it uses a blanket term like “hazardous” or “extreme” make sure you find out exactly what that means. You may need to take out an additional policy to cover that specific activity.

Scuba diving

Unless you’re certified by an internationally recognized program, any injury or sickness you endure as a result of scuba diving is unlikely to be covered in your insurance policy. As with extreme sports, make sure you read the fine print to ensure you’re covered if you plan on checking out life under the sea. Let your insurance provider know beforehand so it can be woven into your coverage.


Nothing says vacation like a couple of Mai Tais on the beach, but it’s important to note that many travel insurance policies have exclusions stating you are not covered if you obtain an injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You definitely want to compare policies if you plan on consuming alcohol.

Avoiding travel warnings

Pay attention to travel advisories issued by the Canadian government. If you plan to visit a country where the Canadian government has recommended you avoid all travel or all non-essential travel, then your insurance provider may decide not to provide coverage.

Not getting vaccinated beforehand

If you opt against vaccinations and then catch whatever it is you were supposed to be vaccinated for, then it is unlikely that your insurance provider will cover your expenses.

Engaging in criminal activity

This one sounds obvious, but if you engage in criminal activity including drinking underage, buying drugs, or anything else then you will not be covered under your travel insurance policy.

Starting a fight

The same is true for fighting. Unless you’re able to claim self defense, insurance providers will not pay out for expenses accrued as a result of a fight.

Not getting travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip

If you plan on going on an extended trip, make sure your policy protects you for the entire length of your stay. Know the rules of your policy to ensure you’re properly covered for the duration.

Hiding pre-existing conditions

If you’re not forthcoming about any existing medical conditions you have, then your insurance will likely not cover any claims related to that condition.

Not telling the travel insurer your full travel agenda

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to visit several destinations within one trip. If you’re visiting one place but stopping over for a few days in another, for example, make sure you let your insurer know. Otherwise, they may reject your claim in the event you have withheld information.

Remember: cheaper doesn’t equal better

A cheap policy might sound good on paper, but make sure you read the policy details including all exclusions before making your purchase. It is possible to get the coverage that’s right for you, including for extreme sports, as long as you’re transparent with your provider and purchase the appropriate policy. Compare travel insurance rates and plans today to find the plan that’s right for you and your vacation.