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What happens when a G1 driver is involved in an accident?

October 16, 2014

Fender BenderA G1 learner’s permit is just that–a learner’s permit. It is the first level in Ontario’s graduated licensing program. It is a highly restrictive licence, with many conditions one of which is that the G1 driver must never drive alone. Another fully licensed driver (who is sober, has at least four years of driving experience, and whose licence is not suspended) must be sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, supervising the G1 driver.

As long as a G1 driver has the vehicle owner’s permission to be driving the car, and is adhering to all the G1 driver’s licence restrictions, the G1 driver will be covered under the vehicle owner’s auto insurance policy, in the same way the owner would. For example, if there is vehicle or property damage caused as a result of an accident—and the policy includes collision or all perils coverage—then the owner’s policy will provide coverage.

At-Fault accidents and the G1 driver

If the G1 driver is involved in an accident where they are deemed to be at-fault, the claim for the accident will go through vehicle owner’s insurance policy. Once the G1 driver becomes fully licensed and has their own auto insurance policy, the accident can then be ‘transferred’. In the meantime however, it is the owner of the vehicle who may see an increase in their auto insurance premiums.

Criminal offences and the G1 driver

If the G1 driver is in an accident and is charged and convicted of a criminal offence (like impaired driving, failing to remain at the scene of an accident or dangerous driving etc.), there will be no coverage under the vehicle owner’s insurance policy for damages caused to the vehicle. There will be minimal accident benefits coverage also—this is true for anyone, beginners or fully licensed drivers.

Lend your car, lend your insurance

As the owner of the vehicle it is important to remember that whether you are lending your car to a fully licensed driver or a G1 driver you are in essence lending your car insurance also.

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  • Les

    What do you think will impact the sale of State farm to Desjardin in terms of rates?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com


    It will all depend upon State Farm’s profitability. If State Farm/Desjardin wants to increase their rates, like any insurance company in Ontario, they will have to file those change requests with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).


  • Manda

    If I let my friend drive my car and she gets into an accident, what happens? She also has her own car and she is fully insured. Does it depend on her age? Does it depend on each of our insurance plans? Thanks

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    Insurance typically follows the vehicle. So if your friend has an at fault accident in your vehicle, your premiums will increase.
    In order to fight that you may have to prove to your insurance company every year that your friend is being rated for that accident on her own policy

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    If you are adhering to all of the rules associated with your G1 licence then you should have coverage under your husbands policy

  • JIM


  • hockeyndancemom

    What if a G2 driver lets a G1 driver drive their vehicle and they get into an accident?

  • hockeyndancemom

    Sorry forgot to ask, who would be at fault? Would it be both or the one that has the vehicle?

  • http://www.insurancehotline.com/ InsuranceHotline.com

    If the G1 driver has a fully licenced driver with them as supervision then there would likely be coverage under the owners insurance policy

  • Schooland ball

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a question from school. I entered the class late and I’m having a hard time understanding, plus I’m allowed to use the help of outside sources. My question is if a g1 driver drives a car alone and “hits” someone where there’s supposedly damage on the other car but none on the g1′s car and they do not traded over insurance information but he takes a picture of the license plate of their car and the g1 person’s license. No police was called and they exchanged numbers and drove away. The g1 driver has 3 witnesses willing to speak about the accident saying that the g1 driver did not hit the other car. What can happen?

  • Barbara

    If a G1 driver takes my car without permission and is in an at-fault accident (drove off road), is my insurance company likely to cover the vehicle – which is likely a write-off? No injuries, no damage to other peoples’ property. But no permission either. Only charge was a Hwy Traffic Act driving against restrictions (after midnight).

  • Asia

    Hi . Can a 16 years old with a G1 licence get the insurance on his name if he has a car on his name .

  • InsuranceHotline

    If you are driving alone without supervision then it’s a violation of the insurance policy conditions. The insurance company that covers the vehicle could deny any claim and the owner of the vehicle could be responsible personally for their damage.

  • T

    What happens if a G1 driver was involved in an accident where they were not at fault but the accident occurred at a time in which they were to not be driving (00:00 – 05:00) ? Mind you, there was a fully licensed G driver in the car at the time of the accident.
    Can the car owners insurance deny all claims ?

  • InsuranceHotline

    the insurance company could deny any claim since the G1 driver was not supposed to be driving.

  • Brenda Barce

    What if the G1 driver hit a car by accident in the parking lot who will be at fault? And what will happen if the car involved by G1was already upgraded? How will it be?

  • Brenda Barce

    Hi i would like to ask. What will happen if the car involve by the accident was already trade in? The G1 driver hit a car by accident at the parking lot. Who was at fault?

  • InsuranceHotline

    If the G1 driver hit a parked car then the G1 driver would be at fault and the insurance of the person who owned the vehicle would pay for the damage.
    If the G1 driver did not have a fully licenced driver with them when they were driving, there might not be any insurance coverage.