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About InsuranceHotline.com

What is InsuranceHotline.com?

InsuranceHotline.com is a free online insurance rate comparison service that directs consumers to a wide variety of insurance companies and professionals to assist consumers in getting lower rates on car insurance, as well as home insurance, motorcycle insurance and life insurance.

In business since 1994, initially as a phone-based service known as The Consumer’s Guide to Insurance, InsuranceHotline.com has been helping Canadians save money on their car insurance for over 16 years.

How does InsuranceHotline.com work?

Consumers complete a simple online form, answering the same basic questions asked by most insurance brokers and agents. The process typically takes between 5 and 10 minutes and all personal information submitted is secure and protected.

InsuranceHotline.com then runs this information against its database of over 30 insurance companies to determine the lowest rate offered through its large network of licensed insurance professionals, which is then presented to the consumer.

If the rate presented is lower than what the consumer is currently paying, they simply provide their contact information and are connected with a licensed insurance broker or agent subscribing to InsuranceHotline.com who can provide the rate quoted. In addition, consumers are shown up to 5 rates offered through its network of licensed insurance brokers and agents, all free of charge. All of this information is also instantly sent to the consumer by email.

Once the consumer gets in contact with the insurance broker or agent, they are able to confirm details of the quote and receive professional advice as to their insurance needs. From that point, it is entirely up to the consumer as to whether they wish to purchase the policy. There is never any obligation.

What makes InsuranceHotline.com different?

Unlike most of our competitors, InsuranceHotline.com does not sell insurance, is not a licensed broker or agent, and is not owned in whole or in part by an insurance company, agent or brokerage. This allows InsuranceHotline.com to be unbiased when providing insurance quotes and keeps its focus solely on finding lower insurance rates for consumers and connecting them with insurance professionals who can best look after their insurance needs.

By contrast, most websites offering “comparative insurance quotes” are owned by or affiliated with insurance brokers or agents (even if they don’t draw attention to this fact) and are therefore only capable of quoting rates from the limited number of insurance companies they represent, typically no more than 4 or 5.

Thus, while these websites technically offer “comparative quotes”, consumers typically only get access to a small portion of the total universe of insurance companies and rates. By contrast, InsuranceHotline.com checks rates from more than 30 of the top insurance companies in Canada, giving consumers a more comprehensive view of the universe of insurance rates.

What are consumers saying about InsuranceHotline.com?

Hundreds of thousands of consumers use InsuranceHotline.com each year to save money on their car insurance. Our satisfied customers have been helping spread the word of our service for years. See a sampling of our consumer testimonials, to hear what they have to say about their experience using InsuranceHotline.com.

Car Insurance Information

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