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How to save money on motorcycle insurance

These are just some of the ways you can save big on motorcycle insurance.

1) Compare Rates

Motorcycle insurance rates can vary significantly from one insurer to the next, so compare quotes to ensure you're getting the best price available.

2) Ask About Discounts

You may be able to lower your insurance premium by taking a Motorcycle Riders Training Course. Ask about this and other available discounts.

3) Bundle Motorcycle Insurance

Combine your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies from the same company to save 5-10% on each policy.

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Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance in Canada (FAQs)

In Canada, motorcycle owners must have insurance by law. But each insurance company makes its own assessment of risk when setting rates for a given rider, based on a long list of variables. The end result is that rates can vary significantly from insurance company to company, which is why comparing motorcycle insurance rates is the easiest way to rev up savings.

Who distributes motorcycle insurance in Canada?

Motorcycle insurance is distributed to consumers through different networks of licensed insurance professionals. They are: 

  • Insurance Brokers – Provide independent and expert advice, advocacy and support to consumers with respect to their motorcycle insurance needs and typically work with, and sell policies for a number of different insurance companies. 
  • Insurance Agents – Provide expert advice, advocacy and support to consumers with respect to their motorcycle insurance needs and work with, and sell policies for one insurance company. 
  • Direct Writers (Direct Response Insurers) – Provide expert advice, selling and servicing property and casualty insurance products, including motorcycle insurance, in Canada through direct response marketing and distribution for one insurance company.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

Motorcycle insurance protects riders in the event of a future loss. A standard motorcycle insurance policy covers the following: 

  • Third-Party Liability: Protects you in the event of an accident causing loss or damage to another person when you are at fault. 
  • Accident Benefits: Offers benefits to protect you if you are injured in an accident, regardless of who caused the accident. 
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage: Protects you in the event of death or injury caused by an uninsured motorist or by a hit-and-run.

What optional coverage is available for motorcycles?

Loss or Damage Coverage 

Most insurance policies offer additional optional insurance coverage including All Perils, Collision, Comprehensive and Specified Perils. You can purchase a combination of these coverages to protect you against loss of, or damage to, your motorcycle caused by collision, fire, theft, and a variety of other unpredictable risks. This can be addressed during the quote process.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Like car insurance, a number of variables are taken into consideration when determining the cost of your motorcycle insurance. This includes:

  • Your age, as typically rates are better for motorcyclists over the age of 25
  • Your insurance history and motorcycle driving experience
  • Where you live
  • How often and how far you drive your motorcycle
  • The type of motorcycle you drive, including the cc’s 
  • The class of licence you have (M1, M2, M, in Ontario for example)
  • If you’ve taken a registered motorcycle training course

When we ran some data on motorcycle quotes obtained on, the average cost of motorcycle insurance was $715. Costs varied substantially, however, based on driver profile and the type of motorcycle driven.

Note that your first year of motorcycle insurance might cost more due to the fact that you don’t yet have an established motorcycle insurance history. As time goes on, and if your driving record remains clean, your premiums may decrease in subsequent years. Taking an accredited motorcycle training course can have a significant impact on the cost of your premiums and save you up to thousands of dollars on your motorcycle insurance.

Certain types of motorcycles also cost more to insure than others. Sports models, for example, typically come with a higher premium. So too do large and powerful motorcycles such as certain Harley Davidson models. If you’re looking to purchase a motorcycle, take these guidelines into consideration and be sure to use the motorcycle insurance calculator above to get a better understanding of rates for different makes and models.  

What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

Insurance rates vary from one provider to the next, which is why it's so important to compare rates on an annual basis. Canadians tend to "set it and forget it" when it comes to their motorcycle insurance, but renewal time presents the best opportunity to save. Complete a quote today to find out how much you can save.  

What motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Ontario?

In Ontario, you must have a valid motorcycle (M class) licence to drive a motorcycle as well as the following minimum coverages:

  • Third Party Liability Coverage with a minimum of $200,000 in coverage
  • Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage
  • Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DCPD) Coverage
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage

Most insurance experts agree that the minimum liability coverage is not enough for motorcycle drivers and recommend increasing liability coverage to at least $1 million.

These mandatory minimum motorcycle insurance coverage amounts also extend to limited-speed motorcycles and motor-assisted bicycles (mopeds).

Can I cancel motorcycle insurance in the winter?

Motorcycle insurance in Canada is typically considered seasonal coverage, but most policies are still annual policies. The expectation is that Canadian motorcycle drivers don’t typically operate their motorcycles during the winter months, so rates are adjusted and prorated accordingly.

Depending on the insurance provider, motorcyclists typically make installment payments throughout the year on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Some motorcycle policies, however, are paid in one lump sum.

Like other types of insurance, it’s not recommended to cancel motorcycle insurance. Lapses in insurance coverage can cause your premiums to skyrocket upon reactivation, which could mean paying far more come springtime had you not cancelled at all. In provinces such as Ontario where automobile insurance continues to rise (motorcycle insurance included) it’s not worth the risk, especially when motorcycle policies take riding seasonality into consideration.

Cancelling insurance also results in the cancellation of optional coverages against theft and damages, which is not ideal for the majority of motorcyclists. Just because you’re not driving your motorcycle year-round doesn’t mean things can’t happen to it. 

Summary: While you may not be riding your motorcycle in the winter, your insurance policy likely takes this into consideration. Speak with your insurance representative to confirm your coverage if you have any questions.

Can you add motorcycle insurance to a car insurance policy?

If your insurance provider offers motorcycle insurance, you can typically experience significant savings by bundling your motorcycle insurance policy with your auto insurance or home insurance. Sometimes this amount is as high as up to 15 per cent.

If your provider does not offer motorcycle insurance, standalone policies are available or you may benefit from switching to a provider that offers coverage for all your assets. Using the motorcycle insurance calculator above can help you determine the types of savings you might be eligible for should you bundle your insurance. 

How does find me the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates?

Step 1: Get a motorcycle insurance quote

The first step is to simply fill out our user friendly quote form and let our search engine find the lowest motorcycle rates in Canada, available to you through our network of licensed insurance professionals. It really is that simple and the entire process can be done in about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Talk to a licensed motorcycle insurance professional makes this process easy by connecting you with a licensed insurance broker or agent in your area, who can help finalize your motorcycle insurance quote and get you fully setup with your policy. Just as important, the motorcycle insurance expert we connect you with will also answer any questions that you have regarding your coverage. This helps ensure that you not only get the best rate, but also the most appropriate coverage for your needs.

How can I get cheaper motorcycle insurance? 

Just like with car insurance, the best way to keep your motorcycle insurance rates low is to maintain a clean driving record. Of course, there are several other opportunities to find savings as well, including:

Compare rates: Use a site like to compare rates and policies to ensure you find the coverage that meets your budget and your needs. 

Up your deductibles: If you can afford it, increasing your deductibles can lower your premiums. Just remember, the deductible is the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim, so ensure the increase fits your budget first.

Take a motorcycle training course: Graduating from an accredited motorcycle training course can lead to serious savings on motorcycle insurance. 

Bundle existing policies: If motorcycle insurance is offered from your home or auto insurance provider, bundling policies together can help you save on both. If your current provider doesn’t offer motorcycle insurance, switching to one that does might be the most effective way to save. 

Install anti-theft technology: Some insurers reward motorcycle drivers who install anti-theft technology and/or security devices with discounts and savings. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing you have an extra layer of protection when it comes to securing your motorcycle. 

Join the club: Some insurers offer discounts to members of established motorcycle riders clubs. You may also be eligible for benefits if you’re a member of certain alumni organizations or professional groups. 

Don’t cancel your policy in the off season: Most policies take into account the seasonality of motorcycle driving, and this is typically reflected in your premiums. 

Maintain a clean motorcycle driving record: Just like with auto insurance, the best way to save on a continual basis is to keep your driving record squeaky-clean. 

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