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Delivering the best insurance rates since 1994.

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What motivates us

Our vision

A service that lets Canadians compare insurance rates freely across the nation. 

Our mission

To help Canadians find the cheapest insurance deals without compromising on the coverage. 

Who we are

We are InsuranceHotline.com, one of the largest digital marketplaces in Canada’s insurance sector. Founded in 1994, we help Canadians avoid that sinking feeling you get when purchasing something for a seemingly great price – only to later discover a better deal elsewhere. 

Using our tools, you can search the entire market and compare rates on auto, home, motorcycle, life, travel and commercial insurance. It only takes a couple of clicks to access quotes from Canada’s top providers and even less time to discover the best rate for your specific insurance needs. Last year, Canadians saved over $4.4 million in car insurance premiums alone thanks to our service (which is completely free, by the way!). 

To make this journey as easy possible for you, we follow these key principles:

  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Insurance can already be complicated enough. That’s why InsuranceHotline.com was designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. Just fill out our simple form and pick the best rate from multiple top providers. You don’t have to do extensive research or use any other source. Everything you need is right here. 
  • Be practical. We hired a team of insurance experts who can provide you with tips – online or in person – that you can apply in real-life scenarios. We don’t deal in fluff. We want you to get the answers to your specific questions. Nothing less, nothing more. That way, you can start saving right away. 

  • Follow strict editorial standards. Our team of writers and editors ensures that all the content you find on InsuranceHotline.com – especially our data – is thoroughly evaluated by our in-house experts, so you don’t ever come across any false information. To learn more, check out our editorial guidelines.

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Our core values

We’ve been serving Canadians in the insurance industry for almost 30 years. In that time, we have built a network of over 50 partners, which lets you compare more insurance rates than any other platform in the country. And better yet, we are fully Canadian, with our headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario. 

In addition to comprehensive rate comparisons, we offer educational content, industry news and financial tools such as calculators, all of which are meant to help you make the most prudent financial decisions possible (for your circumstances). 

At InsuranceHotline.com, we value:

  • Expertise. We strive to understand the industry inside out, staying ahead of the latest insurance market rates, developments and trends. 
  • Transparency. We aim to be as open with our customers as possible – even if it means telling them that there are better deals elsewhere. 
  • Empathy. We want to listen to our customers’ needs and understand exactly where they are coming from. Thay way, we provide them with the service they need. 
  • Honesty. We try to be as frank and straightforward as possible. Our goal is to ensure that what we do is consistent with what we say
  • Our customers. We tailor our products and services to our customers’ needs. We want you to get exactly what you’re looking for – no matter the cost.

How we make money

Everything you use on InsuranceHotline.com is available to you for free. You don’t even need to enter your credit card details or any other payment information. 

How do we get paid then, you ask? Our partners are the ones who compensate us – when we connect you to them via our quote comparison tool. Explore how we get paid.

InsuranceHotline.com – Part of the RATESDOTCA family

InsuranceHotline.com is proud to be part of RATESDOTCA Group Ltd., the largest online insurance and financial comparison company in Canada. Also, within the RATESDOTCA Group Ltd. family are:

  • Scoop Insurance Brokers Ltd. 

  • Scoop Insurance Brokers Inc. 
  • Scoop Financial Ltd. 

Our corporate offices are located at: 

225 King St W, Suite 1000 
Toronto, ON, M5V 3M2 

Got more questions?

If you have questions, be sure to call us at 1-855-821-7312 or email us at [email protected]. For additional details, check out our contact page.