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Visitor insurance for those just visiting Canada

Year after year, Canada continues to see an increase in visitors. According to Destination Canada, 57,000 international overnight visitors land in Canada every day, equating to more than 20 million visitors each year. While the vast majority of visitors to Canada came from the United States, Canada is also the destination of choice for many travellers from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America. Combine this with the growing popularity of Canada's , and there are a lot of people travelling to experience the wonders of the Great White North.

No matter where you come from or why you're visiting, when travelling to Canada it's important that all travellers have their own emergency medical health coverage. Without it, you'll be left paying out of pocket for any medical and hospital costs accrued while you're here. Using to compare rates helps you save money and time while showing you the coverage options that will allow you to experience Canada with peace of mind.

Visitors insurance Canada frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You've got questions about health insurance while visiting Canada, we've got answers.

Who needs visitors to Canada travel insurance?

All visitors to Canada - whether arriving in Canada on vacation, business, to study, or even newcomers who are waiting out their eligibility for the government health insurance plan - can benefit from a Visitors to Canada travel health insurance policy.

Why do visitors to Canada need visitor insurance in Canada?

The fact is if you're planning to visit Canada and you become ill or are in an accident, you will be expected to pay for any hospital or medical services you require. Although Canada is renowned for its universal health care for citizens, Canada does not cover these bills for visitors and travellers to Canada.

Without coverage, like that available from a Visitors to Canada emergency medical travel policy, a typical stay in a Canadian hospital can run you anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 a day, if not more. No one ever plans on becoming ill while away from home, but if you don't prepare for it the outcome it can be financially devastating.

When should a Visitors to Canada policy be purchased?

If you're planning a trip to Canada, you should purchase your policy before you depart your home country. Forgetting to get a policy or delaying it until you arrive in Canada could mean that you're without coverage for a few days, pending a waiting period. Why risk it? Get covered before you arrive.

What is usually included in a visitor health/medical insurance policy?

Every policy varies, which is why it's key that you review each one before making your purchasing decision, but typically a Visitors to Canada insurance plan includes:

The amount of coverage you're entitled to will depend on your policy. You can buy as little as $10,000 in coverage or up to $200,000. Typically, however, $50,000 coverage is recommended. Policies can be purchased for yourself, you and your spouse, or your whole family.

What is the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada?

All travel insurance policies vary, so the best travel insurance for visitors to Canada is one that will cover your individual medical needs. That said, a visitors to Canada insurance policy should provide you with enough medical coverage to enjoy your trip in Canada with peace of mind.

Remember, all travel insurance plans are different, so compare the policies carefully to ensure you find the best travel insurance for you.

Does visitor insurance in Canada cover me if I travel to the United States?

Visitors to Canada policies often provide you with coverage for side trips too, so if you're planning a quick jaunt across the border into the U.S., your policy may follow.

If this is important to you, make sure you read the policy details before purchasing to make sure you're getting the coverage you need for all your travels. Also, carefully consider the amount of coverage you purchase if you'll be venturing in to the States.

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