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Driving Convictions

June 16, 2009

Minor Convictions

Crowding Drivers Seat
Defective Brakes
Drivers Licence Violations
Failing to share road
Failing to signal
Failure to use seatbelts
Failing to yield
Failing to yield to pedestrian
Following too closely
Headlight Offenses
Improper driving in a Bus Lane
Improper lane change
Improper opening of door
Improper passing
Improper towing, persons on sled, bicycle, etc.
Improper turn
Improper use of divided highway
Insecure load
Minor Conviction (not specified)
Obstructing traffic
Railway crossing
Stop sign
Traffic light
Trailer passenger
Unnecessary noise
Unnecessary slow driving
Unsafe move
Unsafe or prohibited turn
Unsafe Vehicle
View obstructed
Wrong way on one way

Major Convictions

Failing to report accident
Failure to report damage to highway property
Insurance offenses
Major Conviction (not specified)
School bus improper passing or fail to stop
School playground improper passing Zone

Criminal Convictions

Blood Alcohol over .08
Careless Driving, undue care or attention
Criminal Negligence
Dangerous Driving
Driving while under suspension
Drunk Driving
Failing to obey police
Failing to remain
Impaired driving
Motor manslaughter
Refuse breathalyzer
Serious Conviction (not specified)

  • Rantone

    how long will distracted driving conviction stay on record?

  • InsuranceHotline

    In Ontario a conviction stays on your record for 3 years from the date that you are convicted. Not the date that you got the ticket.
    Demerit points are removed after 2 years.

  • http://doui.xyz/ redconvoy

    Why would a minor offense give you a criminal record????

  • InsuranceHotline

    If your offence was given under the Highway Traffic Act it is not a criminal offence.

  • Jennifer S

    If I was charged with “leaving the roadway unsafely” is that a minor conviction?

  • Adam

    I’ve had a accident in the US a year ago and they charged me with failure to maintain the line but now I’m engaged to a Canadian woman and I’m about to apply for residency is it going to effect my procedure does it count as a criminal act here in Canada??