5 Safety Tips for A Safe Hallowe'en

It's that time of year again: Halloween! In less than a week, the neighbourhood comes alive with ghouls and goblins in search of delicious candy. Of course, with the increase in children scampering about, comes the consideration of how to keep your children safe while ensuring that a devilishly good time is had by all.

Here are our 5 safety tips to help you and your family stay safe this Hallowe'en.

1. Wear reflective clothing. As sunset comes earlier and earlier these days, residential streets brings about new challenges for drivers: children playing road hockey in the streets, cyclists riding home and people out walking their pets. Statistics have shown that almost 70% of fatal pedestrian crashes occur between 5pm and 11pm. Wearing reflective clothing increases your visibility to drivers and reduces the likelihood of your family being hit by a motor vehicle by almost 50%. Reflective strips are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

2. Get an early start. Besides being the first kid on the block to get the good candy (isn't that the whole point?), getting an early start means you won't have to content with an over-tired child come bedtime. A healthy dinner and a snack while on the go give them a boost of energy as they go door-to-door. Finally, an early start gives you more time to inspect your child's haul of candy.

3. Make sure your child's costume is trip-proof and flame-retardant. Is your child's costume dragging on the ground? If so, it might be time to bring out the sewing machine and give it a hem. The last place anyone wants to spend Hallowe'en is in the emergency room getting stitches.

4. Safety in numbers. Some houses are scarier than most, and in case your child finds themselves in danger, make sure they travel in a group with a few other parents. Have a "what-if" conversation with your budding firefighter or princess about what to do in case a stranger offers them a ride or which houses they should avoid. Hold your child's hand all the way to the front door instead of waiting back on the sidewalk. Doing so ensures your child's safety and reassures them that you're there to keep them safe.

5. Toy weapons aren't always toys.If your pirate-in-training is carrying a sword, make sure to round or cut off any sharp ends before plundering the neighbourhood. For added safety, make sure similar accessories are made of rubber or foam (or other flexible materials) to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

We'd like to hear from you: What are you doing to keep you and your family safe this Hallowe'en?

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