Five Unexpected Benefits of Premium Travel Insurance

What if you're planning the trip of a lifetime -- say, golf at a premiere PGA tour resort -- and your personal clubs don't make it to your destination at the same time you do? If you've got the right insurance, you can get the cost of your rental clubs, balls, and tees reimbursed. But even if you're not a world class golfer, you can take advantage of some pretty sweet benefits by springing for a deluxe travel insurance policy. Of course, the exact coverage depends on the policy. Like any legal contract, the fine print is important for you to know what's actually insured.

Here are just five examples of unexpected coverage in some luxury insurance policies. Maybe you can look for them the next time you're shopping for travel insurance in advance of take off.

Golf Clubs and Ski Equipment

Maybe you're a golfer, but maybe you're a skier. You travel with your equipment and may have booked a premium ski package. A select upgrade can get you coverage for your own equipment and those prepaid costs you've incurred to get your spot on the slopes.

For the golf trip, you can not only insure your own equipment, but prepaid green fees as well. That might be reimbursed to you if your trip is disrupted due to a reason covered by the insurance policy. Those reasons might fall under trip cancellation, interruption, or emergency medical coverage.

Pet Care Expenses

Do you board your cat or dog while on vacation? If so, you probably know their time is booked at the kennel just like your accommodations are. It costs more if you are delayed getting home. If your delayed return is the result of an insured risk, some policies will reimburse you for the extra boarding fees for your pet.

This might not include veterinary care, but gives you an extra cushion so you don't have to pay too much more to house your fur baby.

Dog or Cat Transportation

So, what if you are not boarding your pet, but instead traveling with them? If you have to return to Canada because of a medical emergency, some insurance policies will pay for your cat or dog to come back with you. Like with most benefits, there's a dollar limit attached to this, but it means you don't have to leave Fido in your vacation destination or pay to bring him back.

After all, having a medical emergency is hard enough. No one needs to have to worry about their pet to make it even harder.

Help to Replace Lost Glasses or Medications

Sometimes when you're in a foreign country, it's hard to get the medications you need. Under certain policies, the insurer will help coordinate replacement of medications or prescription glasses. That should save you hassle, but it might not save you money -- you may still have to incur the cost of the actual replacement out of pocket.

Excess Baggage Transportation

In the event of a medical emergency, you may not be able to take everything with you. Under your policy of insurance, you may be covered for the transportation of your excess baggage if you are taken out by air ambulance. Of course, your medical needs are always a priority, but it's nice to know insurers are ready to reimburse some costs associated with your stuff as well.

Check Out Travel Insurance Options

Benefits are great, but also remember to read the exclusions. The same policy that will pay to send your pet home with you may not cover any loss related to mountain climbing or rock climbing. Travel insurance offers peace of mind, but it's important to know what the limits are.

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