6 Travel Hacks to Make Sure Your Trip Goes Smoothly

Successful travel has a lot of moving parts and we’ve curated a few of our favourite travel hacks and tips to help you have a worry-free vacation.

1. Keep Digital Copies of Important Documents

You never know what might happen when you're out of the country. Preparing for the worst-case scenario can help you stay safe in an emergency. Your passport, travel insurance documents, and vaccination cards are all essential documents you should have with you. Consider taking pictures of important paperwork, emailing them to other members of your travel group. If you're ill or injured, you'll be glad your travel partners have access to your documents.

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2. Download Maps Before You Go

The days of wandering around with an unfolded paper map are long gone. Map apps make getting to your destination a breeze. However, if you are travelling in a foreign country, you might not have access to your standard cellular data plan. Plus, hotel Wi-Fi may be unreliable. Before you leave Canada, download maps of the locations you're visiting ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about slow internet speeds while on vacation.

3. Experiment with Alternative Accommodations

While hotels are a classic part of going on vacation, switching up your accommodations can make your trip more interesting and affordable. Many apartment-sharing websites offer discounts for customers who stay for weeks or months at a time. Plus, staying in a residential area can make your stay more personal and unique.

4. Wear Clothing with Zippers

There's nothing worse than realizing someone has taken off with your wallet or passport. To help deter pickpockets, consider wearing pants with zippers. Thieves will have a more difficult time removing your valuables. If you want to be even more secure, buy a travel belt to wear beneath your clothes. By stashing your identification, money, and other valuables close to your body, you can prevent theft.

5. Stay Charged

Phones, e-readers, and other devices can help make travel easier. While many airports and planes have charging stations, you may want to bring your own solution. External batteries are relatively inexpensive, and they can help power up your electronics when you're in a bind. Many batteries can charge your phone up to four times, giving you peace of mind if you can't find an electrical outlet. On a related note, always make sure to determine whether you'll need plug converters in your destination country. Many companies sell universal converters that will help you stay charged anywhere.

6. Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must-have for travelling Canadians. If you injure yourself or fall ill while away from home, travel insurance covers you for emergency treatment in another country. If your illness is serious, many plans also pay for emergency evacuation to Canada. Depending on the policy you purchase, travel insurance may also cover cancelled flights, lost baggage, and other mishaps that might occur along the way.