Nine Driving Tips for the Back-to-School Season

With the first day of school approaching, drivers can expect

to encounter young children commuting to school for the first time in almost 3

months. Many drivers can be particularly unprepared for the increased road

traffic, crossing guards, bicyclists and pedestrians during the morning and

afternoon drive times.

1. Avoid distractions. Limit the use of cell phones, eating and drinking which can be distracting while driving. 2. Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading students. Motorists travelling in both directions are required by law to stop 20 meters from the front and rear of the bus. 3. Turn your headlights on. If your car does not have daytime running lights, drive with your headlights on to help children and other drivers see your car better. 4. Pay attention to kids waiting for a bus. Children sometimes run into the street without looking out for oncoming traffic.5. If possible, avoid commuting through school zones. Take major streets or highways.6. Use booster seats for all children under 8 years old. It's the law in Ontario for all kids under the age of 8, weighing 80 lbs or less and who stand less than 4 feet 9 inches.7. Watch for teenage drivers. Increased traffic means more inexperienced teen drivers commuting to school. Parents should also remind teenage drivers to take extra precautions. 8. Plan your commute ahead of time to arrive at a comfortable pace. Leave early and give yourself enough time for travel and to avoid the congestion of school buses, pedestrians and taxis. All motorists should plan their commute and exercise a heightened awareness in and around all school zones. Under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, failing to yield for a pedestrian and a speeding ticket carries a fine of $300 and 5 demerit points on your driver's license, not to mention higher insurance rates. searched for the lowest and highest insurance rates comparing a 30 year old male driver with a clean record and the same driver with 2 tickets. Check out the table below to see the difference between the highest and lowest rates.You too can search for the lowest insurance rate available by obtaining a free car insurance quote on

VehicleClean RecordTwo TicketsLowestHighestLowestHighestMazda 6 $1793 $3370 $2286 $5062 Pontiac Grand Prix $1923 $3653 $2516 $5476