Ask Anne Marie: Does Ontario Share My Driver’s History with Alberta?

We regularly feature questions that our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas, receives from readers. We figure if one person posts the question, others will be interested in knowing the answer too. This week’s question is about how much information is shared between Ontario and Alberta as it relates to a person’s driving record and insurance history.

The question comes from Aayush, who asks:

“I had an at-fault accident and a speeding ticket that was 10 km/h over the limit in Ontario. Now I’m moving to Alberta. Does Ontario share my driver’s history with Alberta? Will it show up in my Alberta driver’s abstract?”

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When it comes to getting Ontario auto insurance or Alberta auto insurance, explains Anne Marie, there’s nowhere to hide a ticket or an at-fault collision.

“Ontario and Alberta have reciprocal agreements regarding traffic tickets. That means that tickets that are attached to your Ontario driver's licence will be known to the Alberta Ministry of Transportation and will appear on your Alberta driver's abstract.

“As for the at-fault accident, collisions don’t appear on your driving record. However, they go on your AutoPlus report. This report is your insurance history, and CGI maintains it. CGI is the company that stores the information about auto insurance policy and claims data in Canada on behalf of the industry. As a result, Alberta insurers will have access to this information as well.”