Ask Anne Marie: What Happens When a G2 Licensed Driver Lets a Person with a G1 Licence Drive Their Vehicle and They Get into an Accident?

Every week we’ll highlight a question sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. This week’s question, about collisions that involve probationary licensed drivers, comes from an anonymous reader who has asked:

“What happens if a G2 licensed driver lets a person with a G1 licence drive their vehicle and they get into an accident?”

Drivers who do not hold a full licence face many restrictions and who is allowed to be in the car with them is one of these rules, explains Anne Marie.

“A G2 licensed driver cannot supervise a G1 driver. Only drivers with a full G licence, with a minimum of four years of experience, are allowed. As a result, it’s likely that both drivers—the G1 driver and the G2 passenger—will receive a ticket for violating the graduated licensing rules.

“Additionally, it’s likely that any damages caused would not be covered by the vehicle’s insurance policy as this situation, as described, is a policy violation. The same would be true if the G1 licensed driver was using the car alone, with permission from the G2 licensed owner. It’s likely any claim would be denied because the person driving the vehicle is not legally allowed to drive on their own.”

There are many restrictions for both G1 licensed drivers and G2 licensed drivers. To learn more about what you can, and cannot, do with these licences visit the Ministry of Transportation.

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