Be Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is on its way to Canada. Canadian officials are urging people in the affected Provinces to get ready for about 72 hours without power. Forecasters are also warning that some areas of the country could see in excess of 50 millimetres of rain and winds climbing to 90 km/hour or more.

Wind warnings were posted by Environment Canada covering much of southern Ontario, along with parts of Eastern Ontario and western Quebec along the St. Lawrence River.

Heavy rainfall is expected as early as Monday afternoon in Ontario, Monday evening in Quebec and Tuesday morning in the Maritimes. Rainfall is expected to vary between 20 and 50 millimetres depending on the area.

The Canadian Hurricane Centre says parts of southern Ontario should get ready for 90 km/h winds or higher, especially along western Lake Ontario, the Niagara escarpment, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

It's important to drive extra cautiously during the heavy rainfall and wind gusts. Allow for extra time while driving and be cautious of other drivers and pedestrians around you.

Safe driving!