Common Questions

Q: Why do I need to have insurance on my car?

• Under the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act(Ontario ) it is the law for all vehicles to have valid insurance coverage with a minimum liability limit of $200,000

Q: Will I be able to renew my licence plate sticker if I don’t have insurance?

• No. The province of Ontario requires that you have valid insurance before they will renew your licence plate. The Ministry of Transportation verifies that your vehicle is insured by checking your vehicle identification number (VIN), a unique number assigned to your vehicle, with insurance information supplied by your insurance provider to confirm valid insurance coverage, as required by law. If your insurance information cannot be verified, or there is a discrepancy with your vehicle registration number, you will not be able to proceed with your renewal.

Q: What is the penalty for driving without insurance conviction?

• You can have your driver’s licence suspended and your vehicle impounded

• Fines for not having valid insurance can range from $5,000-$50,000

• You may not be allowed to sue the at-fault driver for compensation as a result of injuries received in the accident.

• If you are found to be at fault for an accident causing injury or death to another person, you may be held personally responsible for their medical costs and other losses

Q: How will it affect my insurance rates later, if I have a conviction for driving without insurance

• If you are convicted of driving without valid auto insurance, your insurance company may consider you a "high-risk" driver and charge you higher premiums or refuse to sell you insurance altogether