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Could You Pass Your Ontario G1 Knowledge Test?

By Lesley Green
Woman looks intently at laptop

Test your knowledge of Ontario’s Driver’s Handbook with a short, unofficial, quiz.

How many years has it been since you took the test to get your Ontario learner’s permit? Do you think you have what it takes to pass the knowledge test today? Take the InsuranceHotline.com pop quiz* to find out because earning top marks may be harder than you recall.

That has certainly been the case in British Columbia. More than 45,000 drivers took the online Drive Smart Refresher Test created by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), of which 18,000 people (40 per cent) failed to achieve a score of 80 per cent, the cut-off to get a learner’s licence in the province. Fortunately, the results have no real consequence except perhaps to encourage people to take another look at their driving habits.

"No matter how many years of experience you have under your belt," said ICBC's interim vice-president responsible for road safety, Lindsay Matthews. "We can all benefit from shedding bad driving habits and refreshing our knowledge."

Ready to give it a go? We poured over the Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver's Handbook to pull together a few questions, so you can test your skills and memory. Let’s get started!

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* This quiz is for fun and illustrative purposes only. Please consult the Official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver's Handbook for guidance on the rules of the road and safe driving practices.