COVID-19 Auto Insurance Relief Measures: Aviva Introduces Minimum 15% Rate Reduction for Policyholders

Aviva Canada has further fine-tuned its COVID-19 auto insurance relief measures and has announced that beginning May 21, 2020, customers across Canada will see a temporary minimum rate reduction of approximately 15% per vehicle.

Originally, this rate reduction was only available to Ontario policyholders but now includes Aviva’s customers in all provinces and territories.

To benefit from the rate reduction, policyholders must contact their broker and let them know they’re driving less than before the COVID-19 lockdown. Once processed (prior to June 15, 2020), the rate reduction will automatically stay in effect for 90 days. For Ontario drivers, the deadline was originally May 31 but this too has been moved forward to June 15.

With its latest announcement, Aviva Canada is offering its customers the following car insurance relief measure options and asks them to contact their broker for additional information about:

  • Saving a minimum of 15% on each vehicle for the next 90 days for policyholders who are driving less during the COVID-19 outbreak. Aviva notes that some Albertan drivers will not see a 15% reduction due to where they are on the grid system
  • Aviva’s new #StayHome endorsement where customers can save up to 75% if they’ve stopped driving entirely due to the pandemic
  • Delivering food or medical supplies with no impact on coverage or the premiums charged (Note: this does not apply to customers delivering products or driving people using a third-party app.)
  • Flexible payment options, including deferring premium payments for up to 90 days without additional fee or penalty

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