Do Renters Need Home Insurance Too?

Although you may think that home insurance is for the homeowner only, it's important for you, as a renter, to be protected. Tenant insurance is designed for people who are renting a home; to make sure they're covered for fire, theft and other disasters.

Contents Coverage

Your landlord is not responsible for your property; therefore, you're likely not covered under the landlord's home insurance policy. Your landlord's policy will cover the building and the interior including carpets, flooring, etc; but not your personal property such as your television, clothes.

Liability Protection

You're still responsible for what happens at the home, being a renter. For example, if a friend visiting slips and falls on a toy that your child left on the floor, you could be held responsible. Make sure you're covered in the event of a lawsuit.

Landlords may require tenant insurance

Many landlords may require you to buy a tenant insurance policy; as a way of protecting themselves. Tenant insurance can be relatively inexpensive.

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