Poll: Drivers Trade Cars For Transit

Nearly half of Canadian drivers would trade their cars for improved public transit, according to a new poll released today by InsuranceHotline.com. 

The survey of 5,770 people asked: "Public transit systems everywhere are constantly being improved at the taxpayers' expense. Would there ever be a point at which these improvements would cause you to use public transit instead of your car?"

The results show that 42% of drivers would make the switch to public transit while 58% would keep driving their cars, no matter what.

"This is a win, win , win, situation," says Lee Romanov, Founder of InsuranceHotline.com. "More drivers will gladly be switching to public transit, people who continue to drive will get some traffic relief, but most importantly the government is NOT wasting our tax money on this one."

"In an age of high gas prices, traffic gridlock and modernized transit systems, even the die-harders are finding the idea of a driveless commute more appealing," says Romanov.

The City of Toronto recently announced a plan to modernize its subway system by adding newer, larger cars in an attempt to ease traffic congestion as the city's population booms.

Respondents to the InsuranceHotline.com poll also identified specific improvements most likely to get them off the road: more weather-protected waiting huts, schedule reliability, more extensive service in outlying areas, more parking at transit stations, and fewer stops along routes to slow down travel time.