Driving Convictions

Minor ConvictionsCrowding Drivers SeatDefective BrakesDrivers Licence ViolationsFailing to share roadFailing to signalFailure to use seatbeltsFailing to yieldFailing to yield to pedestrianFollowing too closelyHeadlight OffensesImproper driving in a Bus LaneImproper lane changeImproper opening of doorImproper passingImproper towing, persons on sled, bicycle, etc.Improper turnImproper use of divided highwayInsecure loadMinor Conviction (not specified)Obstructing trafficOverloadRailway crossingSpeedingStop signStuntingTraffic lightTrailer passengerUnnecessary noiseUnnecessary slow drivingUnsafe moveUnsafe or prohibited turnUnsafe VehicleView obstructedWrong way on one wayMajor ConvictionsFailing to report accidentFailure to report damage to highway propertyInsurance offensesMajor Conviction (not specified)School bus improper passing or fail to stopSchool playground improper passing ZoneCriminal ConvictionsBlood Alcohol over .08Careless Driving, undue care or attentionCriminal NegligenceDangerous DrivingDriving while under suspensionDrunk DrivingFailing to obey policeFailing to remainImpaired drivingMotor manslaughterRacingRefuse breathalyzerSerious Conviction (not specified)