Driving Convictions List

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Minor ConvictionsCrowding

Drivers Seat

Defective Brakes

Drivers Licence Violations

Failing to share road

Failing to signal

Failure to use seatbelts

Failing to yield

Failing to yield to pedestrian

Following too closely

Headlight Offenses

Improper driving in a Bus Lane

Improper lane change

Improper opening of door

Improper passing

Improper towing, persons on sled, bicycle, etc.

Improper turn

Improper use of divided highway

Insecure load

Minor Conviction (not specified)

Obstructing traffic


Railway crossing


Stop sign


Traffic light

Trailer passenger

Unnecessary noise

Unnecessary slow driving

Unsafe move

Unsafe or prohibited turn

Unsafe Vehicle

View obstructed

Wrong way on one wayMajor Convictions

Failing to report accident

Failure to report damage to highway property

Insurance offenses

Major Conviction (not specified)

School bus improper passing or fail to stop

School playground improper passing ZoneCriminal Convictions

Blood Alcohol over .08

Careless Driving, undue care or attention

Criminal Negligence

Dangerous Driving

Driving while under suspension

Drunk Driving

Failing to obey police

Failing to remain

Impaired driving

Motor manslaughter


Refuse breathalyzer

Serious Conviction (not specified)