Gas Prices on the Rise...How Can You Save Money?

With gas prices on the rise in Ontario, it's important to know how to save a few bucks. Here's how to spend less on gas and be more economical:

  • Tune-up your car - make sure to get frequent oil changes, air filters and check tires to ensure proper inflation.
  • Avoid driving aggressively - don't put your foot all the way down on the gas. Check the speed limits and keep at a steady pace.
  • Don't idle your car - it can burn more fuel than what is needed to get to your destination.
  • Start carpooling whenever you can - if you're all going to the same place, take one car instead of three
  • Combine your errands into one trip - instead of taking five separate trips, plan your errands accordingly

These are just a few of the many ways that you can make your gas last you longer and be more efficient. Looking for more savings? Why not get FREE car insurance quotes! You could save hundreds, even thousands on your car insurance just by shopping around.

Stay tuned ti'll next time for more tips and information...