How To Tell If Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You

If you're paying more then you feel is right for your car, home, life or business insurance, your insurance company may be trying to tell you something. It's called a 'Go Away Rate.'

It's like when someone says; "don't call me, I'll call you." I was talking to someone last week whose insurance company quoted him a rate of $17,000, because of an accident he was involved in 6 years ago.

Every insurance company has its own personality, and some types of drivers they like, some they don't. The only way you have in determining which insurance company wants you is to find out which one has catered their best rates for you. matches drivers with the right insurance company and best rate. We even give you a choice of the insurance companies that offer the top 3 rates. Then you can pick, choose or refuse.  

If you're mad at how much you're paying for your car insurance, don't fight, switch. Look at this chart. Here are four different driver profiles. It shows the lowest to highest rates calculated from 30 of the top Canadian insurance companies.

Driver and Driving Record Lowest Highest 25 Years-Old, Clean Record $2,750 $6,534 40 Years-Old, 2 Tickets $1,651 $5,491 40 Years-Old, 1 Accident $2,363 $10,992 70 Years-Old, Clean Record $978 $2,874

To the surprise of many drivers with tickets and accidents, they've found that there are insurance companies catering their rates to them. Although, if you have a good driving record, you're in high demand! can match you to the insurance company that wants you, for your car, home, life or business insurance.